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Fees - FAQs and Policies

1. What are the acceptable modes of payment?

Indian account/NRO – As per GOI norms Transfers from Indian Accounts and NRO accounts are charged 18% GST.

NRE accounts/ International account – Direct Bank Transfers are exempt from 18% GST but Bank charges for the transfer are to be borne by the Payer with the student coordinator for smooth blocking of tutor slots.

Transfer in USD through Payment Gateways- Paypal, Stripe, Remitly & World remit –18% GST not applicable but Payment gateway charges to be borne by the Payer. In the case of Remitly and World Remit the charges are minimal. In the case of Paypal the charges are 5.8% of the invoice value.

Please note that we request all international transfers to be paid 3-5 days ahead of the scheduled class as it takes that much time for the payment to be received and the class links to be released for the classes.

In whose name should the transfers be made.

The transfers are to be made in the name of the Company and the account of Catalyze Center for Learning Pvt. Ltd is a Current account. Details of the transfer will be provided in the invoice.

In the case of few payment gateways like Remitly and World remit the name of the Director must also be mentioned along with the company name for effective transfers. These details are provided in the FEE EMAIL sent to parents.

Details of IFSC code as well as SWIFT code for Domestic and International transfers are also mentioned in the Invoices.

2. Can I Pay from an NRE account?

If you have a valid NRE account, payment can be made through a direct Bank transfer. We will provide the Company account details along with the invoice.The NRE account payments will not be charged 18% GST.

Clients are requested to submit NRE account proof for our GST audit purposes.

3. How will my invoicing plan be arrived at?

The program team member will contact you & arrange a call on zoom to understand your requirement and explain Catalyze’s academic process. Based on this discussion a course structure, a course plan and an invoice plan will bearrived at. This will be further discussed with the parent to arrive at a consensus. The final agreed invoice plan will be implemented.

4. What are the different payment options available?

Payments can be made quarterly, half yearly and annually as discussed & agreed upon in the invoice plan.

5. Do you have package rate?

We believe in a bespoke approach, so we structure unique packages for students, which is presented as stated above in the form of course structure, course plan and invoice plan. The invoice plan implemented will be utilized towards the number of hours structured.

6. Can payment be made online via credit card directly to your bank account?

Yes, payment is usually made directly to our bank account. If you wish to use a credit card, we can provide the payment gateway option. Payment Gateway charges to be borne by the payer.

7. When do I pay the first and subsequent Invoices?

The Payment is made according to the invoice plan and taken in advance before the start of the classes. The Classes utilized according to the schedule is adjusted against the balance amount paid in Advance. When the balance Is low and keeping the lead time for recharge in mind the subsequent invoice is raised with a due date in the invoice.

The due date is arrived at, keeping in mind sufficient lead time for the recharge. In the case of international transfers 3-5 days lead time is needed for the payment to be effected.

Parents are requested to ensure balance and on time payment of invoices by the due date for smooth continuity. Class links can only be released if there is balance payment in the cart in the system and we require a 24-hour lead time for link generation.

Please refer our cancellation, reschedule, and break policies for class management.

8. When Is GST Applicable?

GST is applicable at 18% for all payments received through domestic Indian accounts and NRO accounts. For Payments received through NRE and Overseas accounts GST is exempt.

9. When will the class start after the payment?

Once Payment is received our system will generate the class links necessary to proceed with the classes. A minimum lead time of 24 hours is necessary.

International Transfers normally take 3-5 days for credit into Catalyze account., Please note that class links can be released only upon receipt of the payment into the account.

10. How do I know when the subsequent fees are due?

When the number of hours for a particular payment is completed, our system generates the next invoice which may be paid by the due date for continuation of the classes.

11. What are the different types of billing cycle available?

Invoices are raised 20th of this month payable on or before the first of next month based on a plan for the next invoice cycle. The class links will be released based on this plan and advance payment.

Quarterly, Half yearly, Annual payment the student coordinators.


Some students opt for intensive short-term program in which case the course structure is planned and offered as a package.

You can contact the student coordinator in case of any clarification regarding the same.

12. What if we need extra sessions for exam preparation? How do we pay for it?

You may avail extra sessions at any time by requesting it through email or through the student coordinator. Payment can be made as stated above after invoice is raised.

13. What If we missed a few classes for which we paid?

The missed classes are usually compensated unless the classes were missed without prior intimation (please refer Our reschedule and Cancellation policy). If the student does not intimate prior as per our cancellation policy the classes may be chargeable.

14. Do we get a refund of the classes not taken?

We urge the students to utilize the fee that is paid towards classes. Unforeseeable circumstances leading to discontinuance will lead to 25% of the balance payment to be withheld and the remaining 75% will be refunded. A credit note will be generated, and the transfer made into the student’s bank account.

15. Can the bought hour be used for any other subjects or should be used for subject for which hours are bought?

Subject swap is allowed if the rates of the subjects are the same. Category swap, Example: paying for school but asking to swap for competitive exams is not encouraged as the rates are different. For new categories new invoices are raised.

16. What if the student has not paid the fee beyond the due date, has no balance, and has not intimated about continuance of classes?

In such cases the tutor slots will be released within 15 days of stoppage of classes. If the student wants to restart, they will be provided another tutor.

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