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Catalyze has the SOLUTION for your school-going child! Explore REVOLUTIONARY learning experience for CAIE, Edexcel International, Oxford AQA, OCR, AQA and Edexcel, IBMYP, IBDP, SEAB, NESA, QCAA, NZQA

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Afterschool Support (Tuition)

Concerned about learning gaps?

Afterschool Support (Tuition)

Closing Learning Gaps with Catalyze: Catalyze offers a transformative after-school support program designed to bridge learning gaps comprehensively. Children learn in school in a group class format which does not cater to individual learning needs, capabilities and learning styles. Our revolutionary approach ensures your school-going child receives the targeted assistance they need to excel academically and regain their confidence. Explore the future of learning with Catalyze today, and watch your child transform!

Cultivated Confidence

Overcoming challenges instills confidence, motivating students to conquer academic hurdles with self-assurance.

Customized Programs

Tailored support adapts to individual needs, nurturing each student's unique strengths and weaknesses effectively.

Comprehensive Comprehension

Targeted assistance fosters deeper understanding, leading to improved grades and a solid academic foundation.

Competent Time Management

Balancing school and support cultivates essential time management skills for optimized study, exam performance and lifelong success.

Over 15+ years of making a difference to learners through the online medium, there is one thing that rings true time and again and that is NO TWO LEARNERS ARE ALIKE, which is why Catalyze's Pioneering efforts in Bespoke Learning have been reaching and transforming all types of learners.

UK, UK International, IB, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Indian Curriculum

weteach@catalyze offers live interactive classes online with subject and curriculum experts in the following Curricula/Board.

  • Australian Curriculum - NESA (New South Wales), QCAA ( Queensland)
  • Indian Curriculum - CBSE, CICSE
  • International Baccalaureate Curriculum
  • New Zealand Curriculum - NZQA
  • Singapore Curriculum - SEAB
Hear from our parents and students

Success Stories

Discover the inspiring tales of achievement and growth from our students and witness the transformative power of personalized education at Catalyze.


Google Review

"Thanks to the support given by the Catalyze Team and Ms. Kumudha my son Smithinjay scored A in 10th IGCSE math exams.”

Smithinjay, 10th


"I am using the services of Catalyze for my son who is in 12 grade-A level for the last 6 months through online. They are excellent, have very good tutors, individually focused, meticulous co-ordination and follow up, etc.”

Ramesh Babu Guptha P

"Catalyze center for learning is a rare discovery. The way they helped us to find right teacher for Maths and physics subject in CBSE is unforgettable. They are very hard working people. The coordination with teacher and parent is excellent. We are very happy with the way the teacher teach and also with Catalyze who organized it. Wishing them all the best. "

Priya K Isvarmurthi, P/O Chamundeshwari


"Catalyze Center™ for Learning has motivated me to develop a passion for mathematics as a result of which I have scored full marks in my unit test. Thank you."

Kevin Abraham

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Coimbatore

"My son Vedant has been taking classes from Catalyze for a year now and I am proud to say that he has scored distinction in ICAS mathematics! We are very happy to be associated with Catalyze who have nurtured my son's academic abilities.”

Sujatha Pawar, P/O Vedant Pawar

Grade 8, New Zealand

"We joined Catalyze a few months back as my daughter is in the IGCSE commerce stream. We started Economics classes with Shilpi Makhija and the classes are very informative and interactive. Jyanesha really enjoys her classes and it has give her a lot of confidence. Economics is one of her favourite subjects now."

Manashi Dutta, P/O Jyanesha Dutta

10th IGCSE, Thailand

"We have been taking online tuitions from Catalyze for all subjects of the GCSE curriculum. The teachers are well versed with the curriculum, know the relevant concepts and I scored an A* in my 10th GCSE exams. Thanks to all the tutors who worked so hard to contribute to my success."

Tanav Damodaran


Top After School Support Questions Answered

After-school support is supplemental education offered outside regular school hours to help students consolidate learning, address challenges, and excel in their studies. At Catalyze all our classes are live interactive 1:1 customized and personalized to the learner to bridge learning gaps that cannot be addressed in a group class in school.
Yes, by addressing academic difficulties and learning gaps in a learner, after-school support builds confidence and empowers students to tackle challenges with newfound self-assurance. One on one personalized, customized classes are a great way to target these gaps and help a learner achieve their academic potential.
Customized tutoring tailors instruction to each student's specific needs, optimizing learning and fostering individual growth. At Catalyze our 15 year journey and experience with learners of different capabilities and learning styles has enabled us to perfect the art of personalization, curating programs to fit every learner.
Certainly, by providing targeted assistance, after-school support can lead to better grades, deeper comprehension, and academic success.
Yes, many after-school support programs employ certified teachers who bring expertise and professional guidance to the learning process. At Catalyze, our tutors are hired after a 5 step screening and hiring process, followed by internal curriculum specific tutor enhancement and refresher programs which ensure that every teacher at Catalyze is a certified curriculum expert.
Absolutely, improved academic performance through after-school support can pave the way for brighter career opportunities and future success. Catalyze’s wecounsel vertical provides higher study guidance to learners, starting from psychometric tests to identify strengths and interests, curating subject choices and tailoring university choices. Guidance is also given on pre- requisites required for higher study admission, including college applications. Our wecoach vertical is designed to provide competitive exam support for standardized tests like SAT, ACT, AP, IELTS, etc.


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Tailor your studies to match your interests and goals, making learning truly engaging. Our experienced Program counselors guide you through on your questions and help you tailor a program that fits your child’s academic journey leading to higher study.


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With Catalyze, your child’s path to transformation begins now - one step closer to your dreams.

Afterschool Support (Tuition)

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Catalyze is different from every other online school as we offer live one on one personalized classes structured to the learning curve of the learner.

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