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Psychometric assessment universitypre-requisiteshigher study counseling

Discover your ideal path to higher education! We will GUIDE you to SUCCESS for university pre-requisites and higher study counseling.

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Psychometric Assessment & Higher Study Counseling

Confused about higher study plan and choice of university?

Psychometric Assessment & Higher Study Counseling

Tailor your higher study journey with Catalyze’s wecounsel counseling program: @Catalyze Higher study planning is done by identifying interests and Strengths through psychometric, narrowing down on a field of study, working with the learner to narrow down on higher study universities to curate a path for university admission.

Psychometric assessments

Help us understand your child’s interests and strengths to come up with a fitting field of higher study.

Counseling to identify subject areas

Our experienced counselors will discuss the psychometric assessment outcomes to identify two or three potential areas of higher study and counsel on subject choices.

Higher study planning

Our experienced counselors will work with you on the country and university of your choice to identify prerequisites needed for university application.

Personalized Learning

Our weschool, weteach and wecoach verticals provide tailored education to suit a child's unique pace, interests, and learning style in alignment with the higher study plan.

Over 15+ years of making a difference to learners through the online medium, there is one thing that rings true time and again and that is NO TWO LEARNERS ARE ALIKE, which is why Catalyze's Pioneering efforts in Bespoke Learning have been reaching and transforming all types of learners.

Higher study guidance

wecounsel@catalyze program offers comprehensive psychometric assessments to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their academic path.

From subject and field selection to identifying suitable universities and planning for standardized tests, wecounsel provides tailored guidance every step of the way.

Our program also offers support with university prerequisites and assists in crafting personalized applications for a seamless transition to higher education.

Psychometric Assessment | Subject and Field Choice | University Identification | University Prerequisite Standardized test planning | Tailoring Applications

Top Counseling Questions Answered

Higher study counseling is a planned approach to higher education where the interests, capabilities, country of study etc. are taken into account to guide a student starting from subject choice to university prerequisite standardized test required for admission.
End to End Higher study planning is offered, starting from Psychometric tests to understand interests and capabilities, deciding the subject and filed of choice, university identification, university prerequisite standardized test planning and tailoring applications.
Our counseling program combined with academic support has seen many of our students placed in top universities in the world such as UCL, Delft, University of Cincinnati, ETH and Georgia Tech to name a few.
It is recommended that students start the planning early in the 9th -10th grade to have a schedule to meet the prerequisite standardized tests based on the country of higher study. Each of these tests are rigorous and demands a high level of preparation. A lead time of 18 months from the college start date is required to prepare the college application process.


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Psychometric Assessment & Higher Study Counseling

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