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Our TOEFL coaching program combines expert instruction, personalized feedback, realistic practice tests, and comprehensive study materials to ensure that you are fully prepared for the exam.


Personalized Coaching

Tailored TOEFL coaching programs designed to meet the individual learning needs and goals of each student.


Experienced Tutors

Highly qualified and experienced tutors with a proven track record of helping students achieve their target scores in the TOEFL exam.


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Access to a wealth of study materials, including practice tests, sample questions, and study guides, to ensure thorough preparation for all sections of the TOEFL exam.


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Proven strategies and techniques to improve performance in reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections of the TOEFL exam.


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Flexible scheduling options to accommodate students' busy schedules, with both weekday and weekend classes available.


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Engaging and interactive online learning environment with live classes, virtual whiteboards, and multimedia resources to enhance understanding and retention.


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Regular assessments and progress tracking to monitor student performance, identify areas for improvement, and adjust study plans accordingly.


Mock Exams

Practice tests and mock exams designed to simulate the TOEFL exam experience, helping students build confidence and familiarity with the test format.


Exam Registration Assistance

Guidance and support with TOEFL exam registration, including assistance with selecting test dates, registration procedures, and exam logistics.

Although English is an international language, the way it is used and spoken varies greatly across the globe. Every part of the world where it is used has adapted and modified it. Because of this those who are fluent in the form of English spoken in the region where they live may have difficulty understanding the English spoken in other places. This often becomes a major issue in education, especially for foreign students wishing to study in America.

The type of English used in America and Canada is different from that of the rest of the world in its structure, idiom, grammar, spelling and phraseology. To ensure that students from other countries have the language skills they need to succeed academically, the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) was developed. The test measures students' writing skills and ability to read, speak, listen and comprehend in the kind of academic setting they want to enter.

The test is delivered online and is divided into 4 sections.


3 or 4 passages from academic texts are given and students have to answer between 36 to 56 questions in 60 to 80 minutes.


This section is in 2 parts. The total time available is 50 minutes. In part 1 the students are asked to read and listen to information on a subject and then write an essay based on what they have read and listened to. In part 2 they are required to support an argument or opinion that is given to them, in writing.


Students are required to listen to lectures, discussions and conversations and then answer questions based on what they have heard. The time for this section is 60 to 90 minutes.


Students are required to read and listen to material on a given topic and then speak about it for a few minutes. There are 6 separate tasks in this section. The time available is 20 minutes.

The structure of the test can be deceptively simple, especially to those who have studied in English medium schools and colleges. However, the linguistic and cultural variations and the rigorous demands of American academia mean that the test can be hard, even for those proficient in English. Many institutes offering a TOEFL English course online do not truly appreciate the nature of the test and its objective and are unable to prepare their students in the right way. At Catalyze Center we know the nature of the test and the English standards and skills that students are expected to demonstrate. Our TOEFL online prep course is designed to provide students with the language abilities they need and to also train them in the rigorous nature of the examination and the tight time frame within which it has to be completed. We give our students an all-round complete TOEFL preparation to enable them to excel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an essential test for non-native English speakers seeking admission to English-speaking universities or institutions. TOEFL scores are widely accepted by universities and colleges worldwide.
Catalyze's TOEFL coaching program offers comprehensive preparation tailored to individual student needs. Our experienced tutors provide personalized guidance, practice tests, study materials, and strategies to help students excel in all sections of the TOEFL exam.
The duration of TOEFL preparation varies depending on individual proficiency levels and goals. However, we recommend starting preparation at least 2-3 months before the exam date to ensure thorough coverage of all test sections and adequate practice.
Yes, Catalyze provides support with TOEFL registration and exam logistics. Our team can assist you in registering for the exam, selecting test dates and locations, and addressing any queries or concerns you may have about the registration process.
Catalyze offers progress tracking tools and regular assessments to monitor student progress during TOEFL preparation. Our tutors provide feedback on practice tests, identify areas for improvement, and adjust study plans accordingly to ensure continuous progress towards exam readiness.

Still have a question? Discover insights from our accomplished program counselors, who specialize in offering valuable guidance to foster personalized learning experiences.

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