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The ACT (originally an abbreviation of American College Testing) is a standardized test used for college admissions in the US.

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You can choose to opt for all modules of the ACT or only one or two. Our flexi plans will let you chose which module you would like to take be it English, Mathematics, Reading, Science or Writing.

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ACT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. The idea (in theory, at least) is to provide colleges with one common criterion that can be used to compare all applicants. The weight placed on ACT scores varies from school to school. Other important factors that schools consider in their admissions decisions are your high school GPA, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, interviews and personal essays.

The Popularity of the ACT

The ACT has witnessed a consistent rise in the number of test-takers since its inception. Notably, in 2011, it overtook the SAT in total test-takers, with 1,666,017 students choosing the ACT compared to 1,664,479 students opting for the SAT.

All four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the ACT, though the emphasis on standardized tests varies across institutions. Factors such as class rank, GPA, and extracurricular activities are also significant in the evaluation process.

ACT Scoring System

The ACT consists of four main tests: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning. Each test is scored individually on a scale of 1–36. The composite score is the rounded whole number average of these four scores. Subject test scores, including English, mathematics, and reading, range from 1 to 36, with additional subscores ranging from 1 to 18.

Students opting for the writing test receive a separate score from 2 to 12, which does not impact the composite score. The ACT introduced changes in 2015, including the removal of the combined English/writing score and the addition of new combined scores for ELA (English, Reading, Writing) and STEM (Math, Science).

ACT Test Structure and Grading

For each correct answer on the ACT, a student earns one raw point, and there is no penalty for marking incorrect answers in the multiple-choice section. This no-penalty system is akin to certain AP Tests, enhancing the flexibility for students to attempt all questions without fear of score reduction.

The ACT provides a fair and comprehensive evaluation platform that allows students to showcase their abilities without the fear of being penalized for incorrect responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the ACT course at Catalyze is a 40 hour course which addresses all aspects of the ACT exam namely mathematics, English, reading and writing. With an average of 10 sessions per task.
The course has been structured to provide equal emphasis on all aspects of the exam, but if a student needs more emphasis on a particular area, the course is flexible to accommodate that and can be customized in a modular form, personalizing the area of emphasis needed for the learner.
Yes, we provide a limited number of mock and worksheets which are inclusive of the plan. Additional mock tests and worksheets will be chargeable additionally.
All you need to do is to send us a free demo request form which is available on the website and our co-ordinator will contact you. Alternatively you can send a mail to

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