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OxfordAQA International Qualifications is a partnership between Oxford University Press (a department of the University of Oxford) and Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA).

The OxfordAQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) curriculum is a collaboration between Oxford University Press and AQA, one of the largest examination boards in the United Kingdom.

OxfordAQA offers IGCSE, IAS and IAL for international students.

@Catalyze, the AQA curriculum has the following advantages:

International GCSEs

OxfordAQA International GCSEs (IGCSE)

This program provides an all-encompassing curriculum, to develop critical and creative thinking skills for success in the OxfordAQA International GCSEs (IGCSE), International AS and A-level exams (IAS and IAL)

@catalyze, we go beyond education — we foster well-rounded individuals prepared for success on the international stage. Join us in shaping a future of excellence for your child through a personalized approach to OxfordAQA.

Key features of the OxfordAQA international IGCSEs (IGCSE) Qualifications @Catalyze.

OxfordAQA International GCSEs (IGCSE) Subjects offered @Catalyze:

International AS and A Levels (IAS & IAL)

OxfordAQA International AS/A Levels (IAL) @catalyze.

Experience academic excellence with Catalyz's OxfordAQA International Program. Our tailored approach to this esteemed curriculum nurtures critical thinking, practical skills, and a global mindset. At Catalyze, we go beyond education — we foster well-rounded individuals prepared for success on the international stage. Join us in shaping a future of excellence!

The OxfordAQA International Advanced Subsidiary (IAS) and International Advanced Level (IAL) qualifications are part of the advanced level offerings within the OxfordAQA curriculum. These qualifications are designed for students typically aged 16 to 19 and are equivalent to the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level (A-level) qualifications in the UK.

OxfordAQA International AS/A Levels (IAL) Subjects offered @Catalyze:
OxfordAQA @ catalyze center

For OxfordAQA International curriculum, we provide

Afterschool support programs for OxfordAQA International subjects

Online homeschooling program for OxfordAQA International

OxfordAQA International pre-exam tests & assessment series

Psychometric assessment & counseling for OxfordAQA International

Curious to catalyze your child's academic excellence with our OxfordAQA International curriculum?
Feel free to talk with our program counselors, who specialize in offering valuable guidance to foster personalized learning experiences for your child.

We Prioritize Personalized Learning

Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to your child's unique needs and learning style.

Crafted for Excellence

Crafted for Excellence

Your child receives dedicated attention from expert tutors, addressing specific challenges and nurturing strengths.

Customized Progress

Customized Progress

With personalized sessions, your child can progress at their own pace, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects and a love for learning.

Comprehensive Learning Plans

Comprehensive Learning Plans

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) map out goals, strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies for success.

Continuous Assessment

Continuous Assessment

Our comprehensive academic process enhances performance and boosts confidence through assessments, assignments, and targeted support.

Confidence & Curiosity

Confidence & Curiosity

During one-on-one sessions, your child can freely express curiosity, ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions, fostering confidence in their abilities.

Convenient, Safe, and Flexible

Convenient, Safe, and Flexible

Content-focused grid designs, unique social elements, post-sharing function, author exposure, sticky newsletter.

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Catalyze Advantages

How are students assessed at Catalyze?

Students at Catalyze are assigned topic wise and combined topic assessments and assignments, followed by Mock tests.

The students are assessed according to the 4 pillars at Catalyze

1 1


Conceptual Understanding

2 2


Conceptual Application

3 3


Conceptual cross connection

4 4


Presentaiton of the answers according to IB standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are top 10 FAQs for the OxfordAQA International curriculum.

Catalyze Center's OxfordAQA Program is an enriching educational pathway that follows the prestigious OxfordAQA curriculum, renowned for its academic rigor and global recognition.
Catalyze Customizes the OxfordAQA curriculum by recommending appropriate subject choice to the learner, adaptation to local contexts, varied assessment approaches, integration of technology as well as cross curricular integration.
The OxfordAQAis internationally recognized and offers a wide range of subjects to chose from. @Catalyze, we customize the program according to the learner, adaptation to local contexts etc. @Catalyze we have understood the OxfordAQA curriculum and our tutors are equipped to handle the academic rigor and research based approach that the curriculum offers.
Catalyze offers IGCSE, IAS and IAL Qualifications for the OxfordAQA curriculum.
@Catalyze, we assess the students based on single topics, combined topics, unit tests and mock examinations. The students are evaluated on critical thinking skills, research and analytical skills as well as presentation according to curriculum standards. The students are developed in the above-mentioned areas and conceptual understanding, application and cross connection reinforced.
Yes, Catalyze Center's OxfordAQA courses hold global recognition, positioning students as competitive candidates for universities worldwide.
OxfordAQA is a unique testing platform that focuses only on the subject knowledge of students, not their English language skills. This is made possible by their Fair Assessment methodology, which ensures that all qualifications are designed to give students a fair chance to showcase their abilities. Due to the convenience of the exam timings and more suitable content for international students, many international schools prefer OxfordAQA International GCSEs and A-levels.
It is a unique way of assessing using specific tools. To ensure fairness in their exams, OxfordAQA uses various techniques, for eg. their special vocabulary tool, the Oxford 3000. The Oxford 3000 is a collection of the most important words in the English language, which are used in OxfordAQA exams to ensure that the phrasing of questions is as clear as possible for students who have English as their second language.
Linear and modular are two different approaches to the assessment of AS and A-level qualifications. In the linear approach, all exams are taken at the end of the two-year course (one year for AS), and only these exams count towards the final grade. On the other hand, in the modular approach, the final grade is based on several sections or modules that can be taken throughout the course.

The modular approach offers more flexibility to students as they can opt to drop a subject after Year 1 and still get an AS qualification. This means that students can start with several A-levels and eventually complete only the three they excel in, while also obtaining a universally recognized AS qualification for the subjects they discontinue. Many schools and students prefer the modular approach due to its greater flexibility.

It is worth noting that OxfordAQA International AS and A-levels follow the modular approach. Moreover, students can retake single papers as many times as they wish. This means that if a student fails to achieve their desired grade, they can retake the paper they performed lowest in, rather than having to retake the entire qualification, as is required in linear qualifications.
Catalyze Center's OxfordAQA program prepares students for a dynamic future by instilling adaptability, critical thinking, and the skills necessary for success in higher education and beyond.

Discover insights from our accomplished program counselors, who specialize in offering valuable guidance to foster personalized learning experiences for your child. Contact us.


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