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Personalized one-on-one live interactive homeschooling programs for UK international curriculum - CAIE, Oxford AQA & Edexcel International, and UK curriculum - OCR, AQA and Edexcel.

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Online Homeschooling
— Online IGCSE Homeschooling

Is your child struggling with private exams?

Online Homeschooling

Conquer Private Exams with Confidence: Our comprehensive homeschooling program empowers your child to confidently conquer private exams with personalized support and a tailored program, ensuring their path to success is smoother and more assured. Speak to our Program Counselor Today to understand the options and subject choices available for Private Candidature.

Personalized Learning

Tailored education to suit a child's unique capability, pace, interests, and learning style.

Flexible Scheduling

Freedom to create a flexible schedule accommodating various activities and travel. Ideal for learners who wish to pursue sport or music as their career.

Strong Family Bonds

Opportunity for close-knit family relationships and shared learning experiences paving the way for parental involvement in their child’s education.

Customized Program

Ability to choose or design a curriculum aligned with individual goals, learning needs and capacities as well as the learning style of the learner.

Over 15+ years of making a difference to learners through the online medium, there is one thing that rings true time and again and that is NO TWO LEARNERS ARE ALIKE, which is why Catalyze's Pioneering efforts in Bespoke Learning have been reaching and transforming all types of learners.

UK and UK International Curriculum

weschool@catalyze is an online IGCSE school where we offer programs for private candidates, to appear for the O levels and A level exams through CAIE, Edexcel International, Oxford AQA, Edexcel, OCR and AQA. We also offer private candidature for NIOS Indian Curriculum.

— Subject Stream Offered
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Discover the inspiring tales of achievement and growth from our students and witness the transformative power of personalized education at Catalyze.


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Top Homeschooling Questions Answered

Homeschooling is an educational approach where parents or guardians take on the primary responsibility for their child's education, typically outside of a traditional school setting. It allows for personalized, flexible learning tailored to the child's needs. The weschool program from Catalyze offers homeschooling resources and guidance to make the process more effective.

Yes, homeschooling is legal in most countries. However, specific regulations and requirements vary by location. Catalyze can provide information on local homeschooling laws and offer support to ensure compliance.
Homeschooled children can receive a quality education when parents or guardians use effective teaching methods and appropriate resources. Many homeschooled students excel academically and socially, and they can participate in standardized testing or obtain diplomas. Catalyze supports homeschooling and private candidature for UK and UK international curricula tailoring programs according to the needs of the learner, offering flexibility for the learner to pursue other interests such as sport or music.
Homeschooled children have various opportunities to socialize. They can participate in mainstream sports or music, community groups, and homeschool co-ops. These interactions can help develop strong social skills. Catalyze also organizes social events such as club activities online for our weschool students to connect and share learnings.
Yes, parents without formal teaching experience can homeschool successfully. Many resources, including curriculum materials and online support, are available. The key is commitment, adaptability, and a willingness to learn alongside your child. Catalyze provides customized programs to prepare your child and to support parents in their homeschooling journey.
Private candidates can gain admission to colleges and universities. They may need to provide transcripts, standardized test scores, and letters of recommendation. Some institutions have specific admission policies for homeschoolers, so it's advisable to check with individual colleges. Catalyze’s wecounsel vertical provides Higher study counseling and planning for higher study. Catalyze assists in preparing Private candidates for college applications, including test preparation and guidance on the admission process. Test prep is done through our wecoach vertical.
At Catalyze, our tutors are hired after a 5 step screening and hiring process, followed by internal curriculum specific tutor enhancement and refresher programs which ensure that every teacher at Catalyze is a certified curriculum expert.


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Experience our enriching learning firsthand to kickstart your child's educational journey.


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Personalized Program

Tailor your studies to match your interests and goals, making learning truly engaging. Our experienced Program counselors guide you through on your questions and help you tailor a program that fits your child’s academic journey leading to higher study.


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With Catlayze, your child’s path to transformation begins now - one step closer to your dreams.

Online Homeschooling

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Catalyze is different from every other online school as we offer live one on one personalized classes structured to the learning curve of the learner.

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