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Catalyze Center ™ for Learning

Catalyze ™ is a world leader in EdTECH and has been providing LIVE bespoke interactive online classes to learners all over the globe.

Years of experience
@ Catalyze

We stand for educational excellence & innovation.

Catalyze Center ™ for Learning, is a pioneering EdTech company offering live interactive Online classes customized and personalized to the learner. Catalyze as the name implies, acts as a catalyst to increase the true potential of students. Our main objective is to provide tailor-made tutorial solutions with a focus on the student's ability, thereby increasing their true potential.

Online Homeschooling

Online Homeschooling

Online school offering Homeschooling Programs in UK and UK international curricula.

After School Support

After School Support

After School Support in UK curricula, UK international, IB as well as country specific curricula.

Competitive Exam Coaching

Competitive Exam Coaching

Competitive Exam Coaching for exams such as PSAT, SAT, AP, IIT, NEET etc.

Catalyze Center ™ for Learning

Transforming students since 2008.


Hours Tutored


Students transformed




Years of experiece



Psychometric assessment and higher study counseling

Pre-exam tests and assessment

Pre-exam tests and assessment

Pre-exam tests and assessment series

Competitive Exam Coaching

Competitive Exam Coaching

Competitive Exam Coaching for exams such as PSAT, SAT, AP, IIT, NEET etc.


Leader in EdTECH

LIVE Bespoke Interactive Online Classes LIVE Bespoke Interactive Online Classes

Our student Centric approach has transformed many learners to achieve more than their aspirations through personalization.

Catalyze Center ™ for Learning

Management Team

Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy

Founder & CEO

Sanjay Chandrasekhar

Co-Founder & COO

Personalised education is our passion

Customized Learning Paths

Individual learning plans leads to Customized Learning Paths

We recognize that every student is unique. Catalyze Center tailors their learning journey to their specific needs, allowing them to excel and receive targeted support where they require it most.

Confidence Building

Gap bridging leads to Confidence Building

We understand that confidence is the key to successful learning. Our personalized approach empowers students to witness their growth and the impact of individualized support. This cultivates confident, resilient learners who eagerly embrace challenges and achieve their goals.

Continuous Progress Tracking

Continuous Progress Tracking leading to academic excellence

Catalyze leverages technology for real-time progress tracking. This data-driven insight enables timely interventions, preventing learning gaps, and motivating students to actively engage in their educational journey.



Bring Change
We strongly believe that education should adapt to individual needs.


We aim to transform all our Learners to achieve more than their aspirations through personalized education.
Online Homeschooling
Afterschool Support (Tuition)
Psychometric Assessment & Higher Study Counseling


  • L : Understanding The Learning Curve (TLC) of the individual
  • E : Enhancement of teaching/learning processes through the use of technology
  • A : Adapting (curating or designing) programs based on individual needs
  • R : Encouraging research , reflection and ownership from the teachers and learners
  • N : Creating a nurturing environment that enhances learning capabilities
We stand for


  • Trust - We will have fairness and reliability in all our efforts
  • Integrity - We uphold the highest integrity in all of our endeavours
  • Punctuality - We value punctuality in all our commitments
  • Accountability - We are completely accountable to all our stakeholders
  • Innovation - We strive continuously to innovate in the pursuit of transformation
  • Excellence - We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do
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