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Learn to code
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Personalized one-on-one live interactive coding classes for C, CPP, Python, Java, and HTML

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Want to develop logical and analytical skills in your child?

Learn to code, develop logical and analytical skills: We offer a wide range of coding programs starting from basic HTML to Python to encourage children to learn to code at an early age and develop the logical and critical skills so needed for the modern world.

Personalized Learning

Tailored education to suit a child's unique pace, interests, and learning style.

Flexible Scheduling

Freedom to create a flexible schedule accommodating various activities and travel.

Strong Family Bonds

Opportunity for close-knit family relationships and shared learning experiences.

Customized Program

Ability to choose or design a program aligned with individual goals and learning needs.

Over 15+ years of making a difference to learners through the online medium, there is one thing that rings true time and again and that is NO TWO LEARNERS ARE ALIKE, which is why Catalyze's Pioneering efforts in Bespoke Learning have been reaching and transforming all types of learners.

Learn to code

Wecode is a vertical where the following coding programs are offered for students

— Coding programs offered

— Python

— Java

— C / C++


Top wecode@catalyze Questions Answered

You can start coding at an age of 7 or 8 with some basic programs such as HTML.
Catalyze offers HTML, C, C++, Java and Python.
Our teachers start with basic mathematical concepts and develop them into logical and analytical skills, where the learner is encouraged to code independently by using their natural skills and not through software programs.
The student is taught coding in the real time coding environment termed as integrated development environment based on the programming language.
Students are assessed using project based learning for eg website creation for HTML or mini app creation for a real world application.


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Catalyze Center is different from every other online school as we offer live one on one personalized classes structured to the learning curve of the learner.

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