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Success Stories

Discover the inspiring tales of achievement and growth from our students and witness the transformative power of personalized education at Catalyze.

Our First Testimonial

Let me first congratulate you for starting this wonderful method of teaching. What I really liked about Catalyze Center™ was:
1. It is a time saver, as we do not waste time travelling to and fro from the tuition center.
2. We get time to observe what our child is doing, without intruding into their study time.
3. There is no distraction from other students, and the teacher and the student have full concentration on the study at hand.
4. The child can clear all doubts, on the same day.
5. The maths portion gets covered in advance as she is putting in quality time along with the teacher.
Now I would also like to thank you for giving Anessha a wonderful teacher like Anitha. She is very patient and caring. Anitha patiently explains everything till Anessha gets it right. I wish your centre all the best. God Bless!

Shyamala Jayshankar

Catalyzing Transformation Since 2008



Currently, Anessha is a HR Professional with New Zealand HR Department.

15+  of happy bespoke online learning

Catalyzing Transformation

Parent/Student Video Testimonials

Mr. Vikram R Nanthur
P/O Abishai Joshua Nanthur

Mrs. Govardhan Shetty
P/O Anuprita Shetty

Mr. Nitin Swamy
P/O Shreyas Nitin

Mrs. Vijaykumar Natarajan
P/O Vijaykumar Natarajan

Mr. Devraj Kumar
P/O Anoushka Biswas and Mr Anirudh Biswas

Parthiv Satheesh, 7th IB

Mr. Velpari Natesan
P/O Saddhana Velpari

Maxyn Kingston
parent of Sean Kingston

Mrs. Sujatha Pawar
P/O Vedant Pawar

Mr. Vikram Shiv Kumar
P/O Mythili ShivKumar

Mr. Vikram Nanthur
P/O Abishai Joshua Nanthur

Ms. Anjaline Chettiar
P/O Palash Bhandari

Ms. Vijayalakshmi
P/O Viraj Hiremath

5A* & 3A, IGCSE 10th - Student

Neel Mukhopadhyay
12th Std IBDP, Bangalore - Student

Mrs. Baljeet Kaur
parent of Ms. Amikul Panaich

Mr. K.V. Rajan
father of Mr. Ananmay

Neel Mukhopadhyay
s/o Raka Mukhopadhyay

Mr. Prashant Arun
AS & A Level Student

Jayaprakathi, Grade 3, CAIE English

"I am very glad to share the news. Our daughter prakathi got entered in india book of records as a "Fastest child to name 50 Rivers of India in alphabetical order in 34 seconds".

Rohan Rao, AS level, Bangalore

"We are extremely happy that Rohan Got the best Student-Teacher award for teaching 7th grade students Physics on Teacher's day. Thanks to Ms. Poorvasha his interest in Physics got kindled.”

Charit, A level, Hyderabad

"My son Charit has been taking classes from Catalyze for a year now. Being a home schooled student he was very playful. Thanks to the focussed programs at Catalyze and the support from the Tutors he now has secured admission in VIT Computer Science specializing in IOT.”

Ananmay Rajan, Kuwait, IELTS

“I scored a band of 6.5 in my IELTS exam thanks to Mrs. Ramalakshmi and team Catalyze.”

Natasha, Grade 7 IGCSE, Bangalore

“When I joined Catalyze I was an average student barely scoring a D grade. Within a few months of joining Catalyze due to the structured approach of the programs and the dedication of the tutor Ms. Kavitha Verghese my chemistry score improved significantly and I moved up two grades to a B. The classes at Catalyze are very interesting and my tutor is very kind and approachable.”

Smithinjay, 10th IGCSE, UAE

"Thanks to the support given by the Catalyze Team and Ms. Kumudha my son Smithinjay scored A in 10th IGCSE math exams.”

Elamathi, 10th IGCSE, Luxembourg

"My daughter Elamathi has been taking classes from Catalyze since 8th grade. The team of tutors and co-ordinators are very supportive and she scored an A8 in Science and Math.”

Kanupriya Khemani, IGCSE 10th Mumbai

"I have been taking french lessons from Catalyze for over a year now. Thanks to Mr. Rajakumar's dedication and deep understanding of the french language he was able to guide me to score an A* in my french IGCSE exam.”

Catalyzing Transformation

Tutors Video Testimonials

Ms. Selina V P

Ms. Gowri Venkatachalam

Ms. V G Preethi

Ms. Preeti Rajagopal

Ms. Venmuhil Lebin

Ms. Prabha Srinivasan

Ms. Hema Nair

Ms. Anusha Nagesh

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