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Rajashree Loganathan

Curricula: High level English and Business studies faculty - CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, Cambridge, IB, SAT, AP
Uniqueness Of Ms. Rajashree's Teaching:

She tends to be an approachable, empathetic, articulate, passionate, confident professional and a persuasive speaker.

She is also an assertive teacher with sound interpersonal skills in implementing her strategies during the lesson.

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Ms. Rajashree Loganathan

She has a strong passion towards teaching English and Business. Quoting examples related to practical life is her teaching style as she believes that the student can relate well to the topic. She is a passionate mentor who inculcates the conceptual understanding and kindles the interest of the student in the subject.

Education Qualification:
M.Com. B.Ed.
Teaching Experience:
18 Years
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