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Hello, I'm here to be your personalized tutor for Chemistry.

Shakeera D


I have more than five years of teaching experience handling students in both Indian and International curricula and Competitive exams. Together, let's make learning an exciting and enriching experience tailored just for you.

Online Homeschooling
Shakeera’s personalized approach towards your child’s transformation:

Ms.Shakeera is a passionate chemistry tutor committed to illuminating the wonders of the molecular world. With a deep-rooted love for science and an unwavering dedication to her student's success, Ms.Shakeera brings chemistry to life in her tutoring sessions. Her dynamic and engaging approach combines theoretical concepts with hands-on experiments to deepen understanding and foster curiosity. She equips her students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their chemistry studies and beyond through clear explanations and personalized guidance.

Catalyze Center's Personalized Tutor

Shakeera D

2+ Students
50+ Hours
2+ Years
Tutoring Experience
Coaching Competitive Exams
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