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7 Advantages of Taking Advanced Placement Exams

School curricula are already hard enough, so why are so many students opting for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations? The answer is that the extra effort involved can be a smart choice and help you get ahead of the competition when it comes to higher studies and earn college level credits


  • AP classes can be as challenging as college-level courses and will help you stand out in a student pool
  • Experiencing this first-hand while still in school will give you an understanding of what lies ahead, so you can make informed decisions on how you should plan your future.


  • AP classes will give you a higher level of understanding of the subject.
  • This will make the transition to college-level education easier and give you the confidence to succeed.


  • AP classes will demonstrate to the colleges you apply your ability to take on challenging courses and your readiness for college-level work.
  • Those involved with college admissions say that taking AP classes shows the kind of academic versatility that colleges look for. Studies show that those who do well in AP examinations typically enjoy greater academic success in college.


  • Many schools give extra weightage and value to AP grades when calculating a student’s GPA.
  • In some cases, getting a B in an AP class is better than an A in a regular course.


  • Many colleges offer AP credit. This means that if you score 4 or higher in the AP tests, you will earn college credits.
  • This could save you time, perhaps up to a year, in the total time you spend in college.


  • The credits earned and the time you save could enable you to pursue other activities that will give you a head start on your post-college life.
  • The time saved will also mean saving on college tuition fees, which is a significant saving.


  • There are 38 AP subjects ranging from computer science to oriental culture, so finding those that appeal to your interests as well as the prerequisites for your course is not difficult.
  • Getting involved in a subject at an advanced level early on could ignite a spark that could become your future course in life – one that you will enjoy and do well.

AP is not easy. The “Advanced” in Advanced Placement means that the standards of learning required are very high. The best way to do well in AP examinations and enjoy the benefits that this success can bring is to enroll in online AP tuition classes providing live interactive classes with subject experts at an institution with a proven track record of helping students succeed.

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