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How early should your child start preparing for IIT JEE?

As a parent, it is always a balance you need to maintain between how much you need to push your child and when you need to give them a breather for playtime and hobbies. IIT JEE being one of the most difficult exam to clear, the millions of students appearing every year, the world wide respect that IITs command, and life being “made” if your child cracks the IIT JEE – it is indeed a career defining exam and you are bang on in asking this very basic question.

So how early should your child start preparing for IIT JEE? It is very improbable but,

If the answer in your mind is “a crash course starting in 11th or 12th should do for my boy or girl” then either you do not know the complexity of IIT JEE, the huge pressure of 12th board exam, and the limited time at hand to prepare and perform well in both IIT JEE and 12th boards


You are totally out of touch with what most other parents are opting for their children.

These days, some parents plan to send their child for IIT JEE coaching class as early as 6th Std. Some opt for summer courses starting in 8th Std. Most of the “studious” and “serious about IIT” children are already in some coaching class or the other by the time they are in 9th or before starting 10th Std.

Now don’t immediately start searching for IIT courses for your child mid-way while reading this blog. The purpose of listing what is going on and how early many children are starting to prepare for IIT JEE these days, is not to make you do what manyothers are doing.

Read on further carefully – What is best for your child?

If you opt for starting very early, the childneeds to focus on the fundamentals and 6th-8th standard form the very foundation of analytic thinking, basics of Science and Mathematics. Should your child be pressured to study for IIT JEE also from 6th or 8th standard itself? Do you know of good IIT JEE teachers who have complete IIT preparation course plans starting that early and stepping up the complexity as they get to 12thStd? On the other hand, coaching your child only in 11th or 12thStd can be a very stressful option for your child, one that will not help give the extra edge over other students preparing for IIT JEE or evenlet your child have enough time to focus on 12th boards also. This blog is not about telling you exactly what to do, but rather make you think and choose wisely what is best for your child. Remember, not every child needs to be an engineer, more importantly, not every child can handle the pressure of preparing and taking the IIT JEE exam. Think well before moulding the young minds especially if you want to start them at a much earlier age – see whether your child is happy and mentally enthused to be an IITian and can sustain the interest over years. Let them have their own dreams if they are already clear about it or change their mind somewhere down the line while preparing for IIT JEE. Do not live your dreams through your child, instead teach them to be avid learners and passionate about pursuing what they would love doing every day of their lives.
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