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What are the benefits of Advanced Placement?

The Advanced Placement program is designed for high school students. This program provides college-level courses along with exams that can be taken while at high school itself. There are 38 courses offered over various disciplines such as English, Computer Science, Math, Sciences, Culture, World Languages, History and Social Science. There is also a tool to find the credit policies of several colleges to help the students select courses with college admissions in mind. So, what exactly are the benefits of Advanced Placement? We have summarized some of the most important benefits in this blog to help you decide if it is valuable and worth the time and effort.

Get Advanced Placement Stamp

The main objective of the Advanced Placement program is to help high school students get actual experience of the course complexity and exams at college level. Having an Advanced Placement stamp in the high school transcript is an official recognition of this that can help with College admissions.

Earn College Credits

The Advanced Placement program ensures the students enrolling in them earn college credits while still studying in high school; provided the students get qualifying scores. Most of the colleges and universities in the US grant credit based on the scores.

Skip Introductory Courses

Based on the Advanced Placement score, Colleges can allow Freshmen to skip some Introductory courses and take up higher level courses immediately. This can save time for the students to take up other interesting courses or plan an early graduation and also save part of the money set aside for college education.

Improve College Level Skills

Taking the Advanced Placement program helps the high school student improve upon several skills that are essential for College such as Writing, Critical thinking, Managing Time, and Prioritization of tasks. These skills will go a long way in helping the student while at College and help lay the foundation for a successful graduation.

In depth study of Chosen Subject

Since the PSAT is based on SAT type questions and scoring, if your child appears for the PSAT, then it provides a base to become familiar with the types of questions and the exacaMany high school students already have a general idea of the subjects they like and are good at. With the Advanced Program, the high school students get an in depth understanding of the subjects they choose. This helps them in deciding whether they would like to pursue studying that subject full time at College or even pursue it as a career for long term.t exam directions given in the SAT.

Get a Head Start and Finish better

Based on research on students, it has been shown that high school students who take the Advanced Placement Program have a head start over those who do not. Enrolling for College, doing well in the courses, graduating in four years are some of the parameters measured that was established as more likely for students who took the Advanced Placement Program.

Summing up, there are several benefits of Advanced Placement for high school students as discussed above. Do refer to for more detailed information and answers to frequently asked questions on Advanced Placement.

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