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FAQs about Cambridge International AS & A Level Curriculum

The University of Cambridge has been offering standardized educational testing services across the world since 1863. The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 14-19 year olds. Over 150 countries conduct the Cambridge examinations for thousands of candidates every year. Here you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Cambridge International AS & A Level curriculum.

What is Cambridge International AS & A level curriculum?

Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A) Levels are excellent preparatory qualifications with international standards; they provide an exceptional base for university education across the world. They are offered by CIE, Cambridge University, London, and are part of the Cambridge Advanced stage. It is in alignment with the Plus One and Plus Two programs of the Indian curriculum.

The ‘gold standard’ of Cambridge qualifications is the International A Level. Cambridge International AS Level includes half the content of the equivalent Cambridge International A Level and may be completed in one year.

Schools may offer Cambridge International AS Level as a separate qualification. It may be taken as a standalone qualification that is accepted in all universities in the UK. It can as well be a phased route to Cambridge International A Level over 2 years.

The content of each of the A Level syllabuses has been subdivided into two parts:

The AS syllabus is to be completed in the first half of the course; part two of the syllabus is commonly referred to as ‘A2’. However, the A2 examination cannot be taken as a separate qualification. This flexible approach offers three options for students:

  1. Take all A Level modules in the same examination session at the end of a course of study, usually at the end of the second year.
  2. Follow a phased evaluation to an A Level by taking the AS qualification in one examination session, and the A2 assessment in a following session.
  3. Get the AS qualification only, either at the end of the 1st year or 2nd year course.

What are the subjects offered?

Cambridge International AS & A Level curriculum offers quite a varied spectrum of 60 different subjects from Languages, Arts, Design, Media Studies, History, Psychology, Computer Science, Economics, Social Studies, etc. The curriculum is designed to meet international standards, sans cultural bias.

You stand a good chance of acceptance for admission, if you have studied a particular course in school and opt for the same at the university. Say you are armed with good grades in the subject, and voila! That’s an added advantage.

Certain degree courses may require advanced level subjects, called ‘facilitating subjects.’ When you opt for two such facilitating subjects in school, you have a good number of choices to study at the university.

When are the exams held?

Examinations are usually held twice a year – in June and November. Those who sit for the June examination session may get the results in August, and those who appear for the November session may expect the results in January.

How are grades reported?

Each subject that a student takes at Cambridge International AS and A Levels receives an independently certified grade. There are six passing grades (A*–E). The highest level of achievement earns an A* grade while E indicates the minimum required performance. One may have to earn higher grades to get into very popular courses. Established universities in the UK mandate above three passes at grade C for entry.

Do Indian universities accept Cambridge qualifications?

Central and state universities and top private and deemed universities across India do accept for admission Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications; those certificates help entry into their undergraduate programs that include IITs and schools of Design, Medicine and Law.

How is Cambridge AS & A level curriculum internationally recognized?

Universities around the world including those in the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand accept A Level as an entry qualification. If you earn three fair passes at A level, you may skip a year in universities in the UK, the US and Canada. Global employers recognize and value Cambridge International AS and A level qualifications for intake. You will do well to seek guidance from experts at a reputed online tutoring portal to find your way into the world’s best educational institution

How will this be helpful to my child?

A whole world of possibilities opens up for your child: Cambridge International AS and A Levels are recognized by universities in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Your child has the best possible avenues open to get into global educational portals of repute.

Students with A Level qualifications can expect to get course credits and scholarships. Brighter students stand a chance of getting full scholarships.

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