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How do you prepare for SAT?

This blog will tell you how to prepare for SAT and assumes you know what SAT is, why students take SAT and when SAT is conducted every year.Let’s get to the steps right away:

1. Fix your Preparation Time for SAT:

How much time do you have to prepare? When are you taking the SAT? This year, the next official test dates are May 4 2019 and June 1 2019. (The SAT dates to be conducted in second half of 2019 have not yet been announced). If you are taking the test in June 2019, your preparation time for SAT is about 50 days maximum, assuming you start preparing around April 12 2019 for the June 1 2019 SAT exam.

2. Understand which area of SAT you need to focus on:

SAT tests your Written, Verbal and Mathematical skills. Which skill are you good at? Which skill do you feel you need to work on? Be clear about it so that you can focus on the skill that needs more practice.

3. Make a Study Plan:

While preparing for any examination the most important step is to first have a Study Plan. Just what exactly is a Study Plan? It is a broad plan where you decide how many hours you will study every day. What skill you will work on each day. What are the other exams you have to study for? Are there any other personal constraints you have? Do note down all the points and then make the plan. Make it a practical one, that you can stick to on a daily basis for several weeks.

4. Self-Study OR Group Study:

Are you more comfortable studying by yourself or do you prefer learning in a group? It is important to understand this. If it is Group Study that you prefer, choose your group very carefully, and factor in the time it takes to commute to the group study location, and the timing of the group study in a week.

5. Take Practice Tests:

The SAT exam is for about 4 hours with very specific instructions. Taking Practice Tests will help you get a very realistic idea about how the actual test will be. It will boost your preparation immensely since it is not enough if you prepare, you need to perform well in a set exam time and focus intensely while taking the exam.

6. Last few days before the SAT Test:

Be very careful towards the end of your preparation time, a few days before the exam. Be relaxed, don’t stress yourself and study all night. It is important to perform well with what you have learnt over the years. Sleep well, do not allow any distractions and make sure you have covered all the practical needs for the SAT exam like the pencil, calculator, photo ID, SAT registration print out etc.

All the best for your SAT exam. Do your best and do not worry too much!
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