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How do you prepare for NEET?

NEET is the only entrance examination to all medical colleges in India and is considered one of the toughest exams to crack. So how do you prepare for NEET?

1. Understand the Syllabus for NEET?

First of all, know the NEET syllabus – It covers Physics, Chemistry and Biology based on Class 11th & Class 12th course topics. Make sure you do not spend time on topics not covered in the syllabus while preparing for the NEET exam or while doing your final brushing up before the exam.

2. Find out the best Study Material for NEET subjects

Then you need to choose the study material and text books carefully for each subject. NCERT books as well as books prescribed for NEET should be your study material.

3. Focus on your weak points

No one will have time to complete the entire study material if the time is limited so try to focus on topics that you are not clear first. At the same time, ensure you cover all the topics that are important.

4. Select the mode of studying that suits you best

Choose between online study material OR mobile apps OR face to face tuition classes that teach NEET subjects. Understand your study needs and preferences first – Do you study well when you are alone in a quiet room? Or do you study better in a class of students where there is more exchange of ideas and discussion? Also, if you prefer studying on the move or wherever it is comfortable for you then Apps are your best bet.

5. Practice with previous years’ NEET exam question papers

Definitely refer to question papers of previous year NEET exams and practice answering them within the same time period as a regular exam. Have a timer handy with you and time your performance each time. Typically, NEET exam tests your knowledge on same important topics and has similar questions each year that are concept based. So, although it will not be the exact same question, the underlying principles and methodology to tackle the question will be the same. You can give your best shot by understanding the pattern of questions and preparing for many of the common questions across the years.

Of course, with this year’s NEET exam right around the corner on May 5, 2019, focus on staying positive and confident. Do not get stressed out about topics not covered or the marks you have to score. This is the most important advice on preparing for NEET, in fact, for any competitive exam – Stay calm, eat healthy, sleep well, and do your best on the day of the exam! Do refer to our other blog FAQ’s on NEET
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