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7 Fast Facts About The 2022 AP Exams

The pressure of preparing for AP examinations can make it easy to forget the basic, but crucial steps that you need to take to take the exams. Here are 7 key facts to keep in mind:


  • Your school will decide on the AP exam administration options available to its students.
  • Talk to your teachers and those involved in managing the exam process in your school to learn when, where, and how you will take the exams.


  • All AP exams, irrespective of the format or subject, will be full-length.
  • For digital AP exams, a stable internet connection is important. However, momentary drops in connectivity will not affect your ability to continue with the exam.


  • There are free online resources available at the College Board website to help you prepare and review sessions on YouTube.
  • While these resources are useful, enrolling at an online AP tuition institute will ensure that your preparation is complete. A professional reputed institute with a track record of successful students is the best.


  • If you are taking the digital exam, download the application on the device you will be using for the exam. If it is a school device, ensure that the app is installed for you to use.
  • Use the App Demo and Digital Practice options in the app to get familiar with the functioning of the app.
  • For every digital exam, the exam setup must be completed in the app to load the exam into the computer. Do this 1 to 3


  • You can only take the exam on a laptop, desktop computer, or a school-managed Chromebook. A school-managed computer is one where the installed programs and apps are controlled by the school. You cannot use a personal Chromebook.


  • No handwritten responses are allowed.
  • Use the practice option in the exam app to practice your typing, if you need to.


  • Confirm the starting time of the digital AP exams. It is normally either 12 PM or 4 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) in the U.S. Check on the time difference with your location.
  • You must log in for the exam 30 minutes before the start time.
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