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IGCSE Curriculum, Pedagogy And Assessment For Students At Catalyze

Hard work, study and constant revision are essential to IGCSE success. However, understanding the way the examination system is structured, the Cambridge approach to education and how the assessments are done will give students a better appreciation of what the board expects from them. By knowing what is expected of you, it becomes easier to focus yourexam preparation correctly.


The curriculum that IGCSE has developed is based on the synchronizing of the pedagogy and the assessment so that there is a natural flow from what is to be learned, how it is learned and how that learning is evaluated.


Pedagogy, or the method of teaching, takes the defined curriculum and creates the most effective method of not just transferring knowledge to students, but also helping them to appreciate, understand and apply what they have learned.


Assessment is based on the learning objectives of the curriculum and pedagogy. The objective is to evaluate not just what a student has learned, but also how much it has been understood and the student’s ability to utilize the knowledge gained. The alignment of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment is known as curriculum coherence. Understanding the concepts and objectives of IGCSE is important. It tells you what is expected from you and by aligning your study and preparation to those expectations, you will be able to channel your efforts in the most productive direction. A problem, for many students, is the load they have to carry and it can be tempting to narrow the focus down to only the subjects in the curriculum, without understanding why it is being taught and what is expected from the students to show that they have understood and internalized what they have learned. Coping with the demands of an examination like IGCSE is never easy and being able to go beyond the confines of the curriculum to understand the objectives and assessment process adds to the student’s load. One very effective way of dealing with these demands is to enroll at an online tuition organization that has an understanding of the curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment process of IGCSE. The learning support you will receive here will be aligned with the demands and expectations of the Cambridge Board. This means that your learning and exam preparation will be done in a manner that will maximize your chances of getting the kind of result you are aiming for. Always keep in mind that exam success requires more than a thorough knowledge of the subjects. It requires the ability to convey what you have learned in the way that is expected by the examination administrators. An IGCSE online school that has experienced teachers and a track record of successful IGCSE students is where you will find the support you need.
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