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Frequently Asked Questions

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Curious about how Catalyze elevates learning experience? Find answers to your questions here.

About Personalized Learning

Catalyze ensures personalized learning, experienced tutors who are curriculum and subject experts, and a comprehensive approach to academic success.

About Sign Up

Our Program Counselor will reach out to you to discuss your specific requirements. Since we are into a high degree of personalization, they will be asking you a few relevant questions regarding the learner to structure a unique program for the learner. This is usually done through a Google Meet session to discuss the various aspects of your child and to help you understand our academic process.
Our program Counselors meet the prospective parents online for a Google meet session where all your queries are answered and specific aspects of the curriculum or subject choice is also discussed to personalize the program according to your child’s requirements.
Usually, a maximum of 2 free demos are encouraged. If you need more demos for every subject, they will be a paid demo. Our program Counselors will guide you.
Customized plans are structured according to the learning capabilities of the learner, the learning style of the learner and the learning curve of the learner. Catalyze’s experience for a decade and a half in personalized education has led to the perfection of the art of personalization.
Soon after the demo, we encourage parents to confirm their decision by a week. Since our tutors are in high demand, tutor slots are usually reserved for a week for that particular tutor with whom the student has taken the demo. Further to this, if there is no confirmation, the slots are auto-released by the system to accommodate other students.

About Schedules

Regular class duration is normally an hour, but in the case of small children, we recommend 30 mins and advanced sessions may be extended to 1.5 or 2 hours.

After the successful demo, a customized and personalized program is created for the learner, which is then discussed with the parent on a Google meet .  The registration link as well as the fee payment invoice will be sent to you for confirmation of enrollment and schedules. 

Once registration and payment are complete the class schedule is shared followed by a bridge call with the student coordinator and tutors where the parent can discuss concerns and details about the student. A dedicated student coordinator and an academic coordinator are assigned to every student and the student coordinator is your SPOC for any queries and day-to-day management.

You then embark on a unique personalized journey for your child!

Once the student signs up based on the plan, a timetable is fixed, which is a fixed schedule between the tutor and the student. In case of any cancellations, the classes may be rescheduled in the next 10 days beyond which the application will auto-expire the links. Please refer to our cancellation, reschedule and break policies for further information.

There are instances where the same tutor might be teaching multiple subjects to the same student. In such cases, we request parents not to swap classes without prior intimation to the student coordinator.

Class links are generated for a particular subject and we do not encourage subject swapping.

Please refer to our cancellation, reschedule and break policies. Any changes to the schedule or timetable have to go through the student coordinator only. Informal conversations with tutors are not encouraged, as the change needs to be managed in the application by the student coordinator.
The same may be informed to the student coordinator who will take it forward by arranging a demo with the tutor. Further to the demo the additional subjects or categories will be added to your plan and changes in the invoicing plan will be discussed with the parent.
At Catalyze we take utmost care regarding the progress of the student. Class recordings are available for the student to revisit and revise the class if required. The Objective of the class recordings is to equip the student with class information for revision & Value addition beyond the class time. The class recordings are stored in our LMS strictly adhering to data privacy policies.

About Learning Progress

Catalyze provides the students with regular assessments and assignments, which are topic-wise assessments and term assessments to evaluate the progress of the student. Before the final exam, mock exams are conducted to elevate the preparation of the learner. We encourage the student to be on time in submission of these, as they act as tools for improvisation. 

The tutors at Catalyze also work with the students to improvise on writing and presentation for the exam.

Students are expected to return the assessments and assignments on time for them to benefit. Non-compliance to this may reflect in their progress.

Parental cooperation is requested to ensure on-time submission.

Normally an assignment or homework is given once a week inclusive of the
hourly charge. If the Parent or Student wishes an increase in the frequency of assignments, they will be charged extra.

The Assignments are uploaded through the LMS and the student can
download the same, work on it and resubmit through the LMS. Doubt clarification is encouraged only during class time. We strongly discourage other forms of doubt clarification through email/ WhatsApp etc.

Topic-wise, unit-wise & Term assessments are provided. An assessment schedule is drawn when a student signs up and it is important that the student takes these with proper preparation. Past paper help is also provided. Intensive test series through our wetest vertical is also available and is customized according to the student’s board, grade & subject. The intensive test series comes at an additional cost.

Catalyze’s unique academic evaluation system evaluates the student on many attributes which are converted into a 5 point scale. The reports are shared with intensive plan students frequently and other students once a term. Our academic coordinator and CEO personally meet with the parents of PTMs.

Frequency of Academic reports
The progress of the student is monitored by providing academic reports. The
report frequency is for the first month, followed by detailed academic reports and a PTM every quarter (frequencies and the number of reports vary with respect to the program signed up).

Catalyze has a specialized academic counselor and a general counselor to guide your child with any questions related to academics as well as overall progress. In addition to academic counseling, our wecounsel vertical provides higher study guidance to students.

Catalyze has unique bridge programs. IGCSE/CBSE, AS & A level/IIT NEET bridge program, IB/IIT & NEET bridge program are our specialty bridge programs to name a few.

Catalyze’s unique programs especially for IIT-JEE and NEET foundation are much sought after for a firm foundation. In addition, we have IT programming languages which are structured at different levels. We also provide a course completion certificate upon completion of each level. For more details visit our wecode page.

Catalyze believes in personalized programs to help students achieve their academic potential. We provide structured programs taking into account the unique learning curve of the student and these programs are shared along with the topics and the time duration required to complete those topics at the time of sign-up. 

Catalyze helps students prepare for board exams from the conceptual level, strengthening concepts combined with practice, tips to time the answers and presentation in terms of keywords are taught to ensure success, according to the 4 pillars of Catalyze education.

About Fees

Indian account/NRO – As per GOI norms, transfers from Indian Accounts and NRO accounts are charged 18% GST.

NRE accounts/ International account – Direct Bank Transfers are exempt from 18% GST, but Bank charges for the transfer are to be borne by the Payer Transfer in USD through Payment Gateways- Paypal, Remitly & World remit –18% GST not applicable, but Payment gateway charges to be borne by the Payer. 

Please note that we request all international transfers to be paid 3–5 days ahead of the scheduled class, as it takes that much time for the payment to be received and the class links to be released for the classes.

If you have a valid NRE account, payment can be made through a direct bank transfer. We will provide the company account details along with the invoice. The NRE account payments will not be charged 18% GST.

Clients are requested to submit NRE account proof for our GST audit purposes.

The program team member will contact you & arrange a call on Google meet to understand your requirements and explain Catalyze’s academic process. Based on this discussion, a course structure, a course plan, and an invoice plan will be arrived at. This will be further discussed with the parent to arrive at a consensus. The final agreed invoice plan will be implemented.

Payments can be made quarterly, half-yearly and annually as discussed & agreed upon in the invoice plan.

We believe in a bespoke approach, so we structure unique packages for students, which are presented as stated above in the form of course structure, course plan and invoice plan. The invoice plan implemented will be utilized towards the number of hours structured.

Yes, payment is usually made directly to our bank account. If you wish to use a credit card, we can provide the payment gateway option. Payment Gateway charges are to be borne by the payer.

The Payment is made according to the invoice plan and taken in advance before the start of the classes. The classes utilized according to the schedule are adjusted against the balance amount paid in advance. Your invoicing plan comes with an invoice-raising date and a pay-by date. All fees have to be received in our account by the pay-by date to block the tutor slots and generate class links. Our tutors are much sought after and timely blocking of their slots is necessary to commit to continuance with that particular tutor, failing which the system will auto-release the slots and the tutor will then be occupied with another student. If the student wishes to continue with the particular tutor, payment of the invoice on or before the pay-by date ensures the reservation of the particular tutor slots. 

Parents are requested to ensure balance and on-time payment of invoices by the due date for smooth continuity, keeping in mind a 3-5 day lead time for international transfers to get credited. 

Class links can only be released if there is a balance payment in the Cart in the system and we require a 24-hour lead time for link generation.

Please refer to our cancellation, reschedule, and break policies for class management.

GST is applicable at 18% for all payments received through domestic Indian accounts and NRO accounts. For payments received through NRE and overseas accounts, GST is exempt.

Once Payment is received, our system will generate the class links necessary to proceed with the classes. A minimum lead time of 24 hours is necessary.

International Transfers normally take 3–5 days for credit into the Catalyze account. Please note that class links can be released only upon receipt of the payment into the account.

When the number of hours for a particular payment is completed, our system generates the next invoice which may be paid by the due date for continuation of the classes.

Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual payment options are available and can be discussed with the program counselors.

Some students opt for intensive short-term programs, in which case the course structure is planned and offered as a package. You can contact the program counselors or student coordinator in case of any clarification regarding the same.

You may avail of extra sessions at any time by requesting them through email or the student coordinator. Payment can be made as stated above after the invoice is raised, however, it is subject to the availability of tutor slots.

Please refer to our cancellation policy, which will be shared at the time of sign-up. Canceled classes have to be compensated within 10 days, otherwise, the class links will expire. 

We urge the students to utilize the fee that is paid towards classes. Unforeseeable circumstances leading to discontinuance will lead to 25% of the balance payment to be withheld and the remaining 75% will be refunded. A credit note will be generated, and the transfer made into the student’s bank account.

Subject and Category swaps are not encouraged in general as the hourly rates are different. Swapping requests are at management's discretion.

Fees have to be paid by the Pay by date of the invoice for tutor slot reservation. Non-receipt of fees by the pay-by-date will result in tutor slot auto-release and If the student wants to restart, they will be provided another tutor.

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