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Academic Reports and Progress Policies

Our vision
"We aim to transform all our Learners to achieve more than their aspirations through personalized  education” 

These policies have been drawn to achieve our VISION.

At Catalyze our Intention is Student Progress and Student Achievement.  

We like to look at Parents as our partners in this process and request the parents to be planned  and proactive in sharing the following with our Student Coordinators during the Bridge Call.

1. How do we monitor the progress of the student?

Catalyze provides the students with regular assessments and assignments, which arepop quiz, topic wise assessments and term assessments to evaluate the progress of the student. We encourage the student to be on time in submission of these as they act as tools for improvisation. The tutors at Catalyze also work with the student to improvise on writing and presentation for the exam.

Students are expected to return the assessments and assignments on timefor them to benefit. Non-compliance to this may reflect in their progress.

Parental co-operation is requested to ensure on time submission.

2. What is the frequency of the Assignments?

Normally an assignment or homework is given once a week inclusive of the hourly charge. If the Parent or Student wishes an increase in the frequency of assignment, they will be charged extra.

The Assignments are uploaded through the website and the student can download the same, work on it and resubmit through the website. Doubt clarification is encouraged only during class time. We strongly discourage other forms of doubt clarification through email / Whatsapp etc.

3. What is the frequency of the Assessments?

Topic wise, Unit wise & Term assessments are provided. Past paper help is also provided. The frequency is decided by the tutor depending on the student uptake and the requirement. Intensive test series is also available and is customized according to the student’s board, Grade & subject. The intensive test series come at an additional cost.

4. Do you provide reports for the progress of the student?

Catalyze’s unique academic evaluation system evaluates the student on many attributes which are converted into a 5 point scale. The reports are shared with intensive plan students frequently and other students once a term. Our academic coordinator and CEO personally meet with the parents for PTMS.

Frequency of Academic reports

Progress of the student is monitored by providing academic reports. The report frequency is every month for the first three months of attendance at catalyze. Further to these detailed academic reports are provided every quarter followed by a PTM.

5. Do you provide counselling calls?

Catalyze has a specialized academic Counsellor and a general Counsellor to guide your child with any questions related to academic as well as overall progress.

6. Do you provide any bridging courses across boards?

Catalyze has unique bridge programs. IGCSE/CBSE, AS& A level/IIT NEET bridge program, IB/IIT & NEET bridge program are our specialty bridge programs to name a few.

7. Do you provide any basic or foundation courses for any subjects?

Catalyze’s unique programs especially for Vedic Math/Abacus and IT are structured at may levels. We also provide a course completion certificate upon completion of each level. For more details visit vedic math page and IT page link to be provided here.

8. Do you have any course structure and work towards completing it in a particular time duration?

Catalyze believes in personalized programs to help students achieve their academic potential. We provide structured programs taking into account the unique learning curve of the student and these programs are shared along with the topics and the time duration required to complete those topics.

9. How do you prepare students for board exam?

Catalyze helps students prepare for board exam from the conceptual level, strengthening concepts combined with practice, tips to time the answers and presentation in terms of key words are taught to ensure success.

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