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Sign Up - FAQs  & Policies 

Our vision
"We aim to transform all our Learners to achieve more than their aspirations through personalized  education” 

These policies have been drawn to achieve our VISION.

At Catalyze our Intention is Student Progress and Student Achievement.  

We like to look at Parents as our partners in this process and request the parents to be planned  and proactive in sharing the following with our Student Coordinators during the Bridge Call.

1. What is the duration of the regular classes?

Regular class duration is normally an hour, but in the case of small children we recommend 30 mins and advanced sessions may be extended to 1.5 or 2 hours.

2. How to proceed further after the successful demo?

After the successful demo you will be assigned a student coordinator and the registration link as well as the fee payment invoice will be sent to you.

Once registration and payment are complete the class schedule is shared followed by a bridge call with the student coordinator and tutors where the parent can discuss concerns and details about the student.

A WhatsApp group is created between the parents, student coordinator and tutors for ease of communication regarding exam dates, assignments etc. Parents are encouraged to avoid personal chat with tutors and go only through student coordinators for any queries.

Soon after the registration, the students are authorized with the concerned tutor, and they are provided with a username and password. Students are also provided with a student ID number and are encouraged to use this in all correspondences. The students can use the login id and pwd to access their dashboard and use the timer. We encourage all students to use the timer.

All correspondences, schedule changes and booking of tutor slots for additional classes have to go through the student coordinator. As per company policy direct contact with the tutor is not allowed and the tutor cannot make any changes in schedule or other areas in the application.

3. Is there any time limit to use the paid hours? If yes, can it be extended and under what circumstances?

Once the student signs up based on the plan, a timetable is fixed, which is a fixed schedule between the tutor and student. In case of any cancellations, the classes may be rescheduled in the next 15 days beyond which it will expire.

4. What if the same teacher is teaching multiple subjects?

There are instances where the same tutor might be teaching multiple subjects for the same student. In such cases we request parents not to swap classes without prior intimation to the student coordinator.

Class links are generated for a particular subject and changes in subjects need to be intimated 24 hours in advance for back end management of the links.

5. What if I wish to change the time table? How do I go about it?

Please refer to our cancellation, reschedule and break policies. Any Changes to schedule or time table have to go through the student coordinator only. Informal conversations with tutors are not encouraged.

6. What if I wish to add more subjects and categories?

The same may be informed to the student coordinator who will take it forward by arranging a demo with the tutor. Further to the demo the additional subjects or categories will be added to your plan and changes in invoicing plan discussed with the parent.

7. Are class recordings provided?

At Catalyze we take utmost care regarding the progress of the student. Class recordings are available for the student to revisit and revise the class if required. The Objective of the class recordings is to equip the student with class information for revision & Value addition beyond the class time. The class recordings are stored in our LMS strictly adhering to data privacy policies.

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