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Hello, I'm here to be your personalized faculty for Math, Science (Lower grade) & Economics/BST.

Bhargavi Balaji


I have more than five years of teaching experience handling students in both Indian and International curricula and Competitive exams Together, let's make learning an exciting and enriching experience tailored just for you.

Online Homeschooling
Bhargavi Balaji’s personalized approach towards your child’s transformation:

Ms. Bhargavi is a dedicated Math and Science teacher with an unwavering passion and enthusiasm for her subject. With a love for numbers that knows no bounds, she brings an infectious energy to her classroom that captivates her students from the moment they start sessions with her. Whether it's algebra, geometry, or trigonometry, Ms. Bhargavi’s eyes light up as she delves into the intricacies of each mathematical concept, making even the most abstract ideas come to life with real-world examples and engaging activities. Having Commerce as a background, she can handle Economics/BST at an ease.

Catalyze Center's Personalized Faculty

Bhargavi Balaji

3+ Students
80+ Hours
5+ Years
Tutoring Experience
Coaching Competitive Exams
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