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Hello, I'm here to be your personalized Tutor for Biology.

Dr.Moumita Patra


I have more than two years of teaching experience handling students in both Indian and International curricula and Competitive exams. Together, let's make learning an exciting and enriching experience tailored just for you.

Online Homeschooling
Moumita's personalized approach to your child's transformation:

Ms.Moumita is a dedicated Biology tutor who provides personalized assistance, helping the student grasp the fundamental principles of biology. She is committed to offer clear explanations and practical examples, enriching your learning experience. Whether you require help with assignments, exam preparation, or simply seek to enhance your understanding of biology, Ms.Moumita is here to guide you every step of the way. Join us on a journey to master the captivating world of biology!

Catalyze Center's Personalized Tutor

Dr.Moumita Patra

2+ Students
75+ Hours
2+ Years
Tutoring Experience
Coaching Competitive Exams
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