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Hello, I'm here to be your personalized Tutor for Chemistry.

Ezhil Vizhi

M.Sc., B.Ed

I have more than two years of teaching experience handling students in both Indian and International curricula and Competitive exams. Together, let's make learning an exciting and enriching experience tailored just for you.

Online Homeschooling
Ezhil Vizhi's personalized approach to your child's transformation:

Ms.Ezhil Vizhi is Armed with a B.Ed in Chemistry and has 3+ years of tutoring experience, Ms.Ezhil is deeply passionate about fostering a love for chemistry in students. Her personalized approach to teaching, combined with a knack for making complex concepts understandable, has helped numerous students succeed in their academic pursuits. With a commitment to student growth and an engaging teaching style,Ms.Ezhil Vizhi stands ready to guide you through the captivating world of chemistry. Join them on a journey to master the intricacies of this fascinating subject and achieve your academic goals.

Catalyze Center's Personalized Tutor

Ezhil Vizhi

2+ Students
80+ Hours
3+ Years
Tutoring Experience
Coaching Competitive Exams
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