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Are you looking for home-schooling options for IGCSE? Here are some guidelines.

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought the subject of home-schooling to the top of students’ and parents’ minds. With the uncertainty over schools reopening and the loss of study facilities and the need to not lose the preparation momentum, students who are planning of taking IGCSE are finding home-schooling an attractive option. Deciding to opt for this path is one thing; knowing how to go about it in the right way is another. Here are a few basic guidelines to help you get started.

Understand The System

Many students make the mistake of not thoroughly researching the IGCSE and its objectives. The more you know about the examination pattern and what the evaluators are looking for, the better you will be able to plan and focus your preparation. Check out the IGCSE website  for comprehensive information on all aspects of the examination.

Choose The Subjects

There are over 70 plus subjects available for IGCSE. It is worthwhile spending time going into them in detail to be sure of where your strengths are so you can make the right choices. The minimum number of subjects to be taken is 7. There is no limit to the maximum number of subjects that may be taken.

Create A Study Plan

Creating a study plan which allows you to devote adequate time to each of the subjects you have chosen is important. Keep in mind that some subjects may require more study time than others. Overstressing yourself is a danger so allow enough time for rest, relaxation and exercise. This will help you to stay fresh and alert and improve your ability to absorb what you study.


Once you have the plan in place, find a quiet place to study where there are minimum distractions and interruptions. Get yourself a comfortable chair and table – being comfortable will improve your focus. Get hold of the books and other study material you need and have them at a convenient location. Finding the right books etc. can be a problem, but if you join an online tuition course, the teachers there will be able to guide you on what you should use.

Keep Practicing

Use previous years’ question papers to practice. Practice can, at times, become repetitive and boring but it will help you to become more confident and comfortable in dealing with the types of questions you will face when you actually take the examination

You Cannot Do It All On Your Own

Whether or not you have been a topper or an average student up till now does not make a difference when it comes to success in IGCSE through home-schooling. Trying to manage all your preparation on your own will place a huge burden on you and that will affect both your preparation and your result. That is why having access to expert tuition and guidance while home-schooling is so vital. Expert teachers will be able to help you focus your studies in the right way, provide you with the learning support and subject material you need and give you the individual attention that will help you to overcome your areas of weakness. Joining an IGCSE preparation course with a reputed IGCSE online tuition organization that is known for its success in helping students prepare and get good results will give you exactly the help you need to make your home-schooling IGCSE preparation a success.
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