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How can one upgrade their IT language skills?

IT language skills are fast getting outdated with incredible advances in technology and it is imperative that as a programmer you keep yourself up to date or get booted out!

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. There are several other programmers or coders who feel the same pressure as you – to deliver on time along with quality and cutting-edge technology. No matter what the language is, the approach to improve your skills and be up to date is more or less the same.

Here are a few tips on how one can upgrade their IT language skills:

Join a developer’s forum or build your own support network

Every IT programming language has an official online support group along with several other online groups. Browse extensively and then choose one where you can get swift replies from fellow coders and also that has been around for a while. This way you can get the support you need to keep yourself up to date with latest versions of your favourite IT language. If by chance there isn’t a support group that is satisfying, try building your own network.

Contribute to Source Code Repositories

Keep practising your coding with small projects and then upload them on Source code repositories. This will help you improve your analytical skills and also give a huge boost to your confidence when people start using them and commenting positively.

Be aware of upgrades to Coding Platform and supporting coding libraries

In the IT field, upgrades and technological improvements are not only happening faster than ever making older versions obsolete, they are also much more technically efficient with source code packages and libraries for commonly used repetitive programming modules. Do keep yourself informed about them and read about them from official help manuals.

Solve new Computer Problems

Always be on the look-out for new problems to solve or design new ways to solve an existing problem using the IT language of your choice. Set aside at least 2-3 hours every week just for learning and solving problems for the fun of it. Learning by doing is the best way to upgrade your IT language skills.

Have a personal goal irrespective of your career path

With the hierarchy built into the corporate world, programming might not be the only thing you do as you climb the corporate ladder. Usually it is managing people and spending more time motivating others. Therefore, if you want to ensure you upgrade your IT language skills, have a personal goal with specific targets for every quarter.

Have your own computer setup and separate den for Coding

If you are a hardcore programmer then you will agree that coding is much like meditation where you hit the right frequency and then coding just flows from your fingertips. Keep a separate place for coding where you can practice quietly without the distractions of friends and family. Be serious about your time and energy invested in upgrading your IT language skills by having a sacred place for it.

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