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How Do The Cambridge AS And A Levels Equate To Advanced Placement In The U.S?

To understand how the two courses equate, it is necessary to look at what they both are.

Cambridge As And A Levels

The full A level qualification is obtained only after 2 full years of study. Typically students take four or five subjects during the first year. After the AS examinations, most students drop one or two subjects so they can focus on the three that remain. These are no hard and fast rules and students can modify the number of subjects in each year according to their personal preferences.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement is a course of study created by the College Board which also manages the SAT examinations. The standards here are usually much higher than those which may be found in most American schools. The term “Advanced Placement” refers to the fact that because of the high standards, many colleges and universities will offer credits for students who have done this course, subject to the student achieving a specified minimum score which generally ranges between 3 to 5, depending on the college or university policy. The aim of AP courses is to enable students to acquire the skills they will need to perform well after they get admission into a college or university. The objective is to learn how to focus on specific goals and improve problem solving, time management and writing skills. It is possible to take the AP examination without completing a formal course of study, but that way increases the difficulty enormously and reduces the chances of success dramatically.

Which One?

Cambridge As and A levels are the better choice for those wanting to study in the U.K. AP is generally considered to be the preferred option for those wanting to study in the U.S. However, this is not always the case. In the U.S. both course command equal value as far as the entrance to universities goes. It really boils down to a matter of personal preference. For those who are comfortable studying a broad range of subjects without being expected to go into very great depth in each of them, AS and A levels are generally better. On the other hand, those who prefer to focus on a narrower range of subject and study each of them in great depth, AP is usually the better choice. An online coaching organization that prepares student for both courses of study will be able to help you to find which course of study you are better suited for and then give you the support you need to perform well in the examinations so that you are able to obtain admission to the university of your choice.
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