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The Best Websites for IGCSE Sciences

There are a huge number of websites that offer notes, revision courses and other support for students attempting IGCSE. The problem is that the quality of the material offered varies a great deal. You may get up to date and useful inputs, but you could also waste valuable time going through material that is of no help to you. This can seriously hurt your preparation because the time and effort you have wasted will become obvious only once you have started the process. Another problem with these sites is that they take a “one size fits all” approach. In other words, they cater to the most common issues that students face with no flexibility to deal with specific individual learning and preparation needs. No two people are the same in terms of how they internalize information, the time it takes them, the areas where they may be weak and need extra support and so on. Most of the websites that you can find online cannot deal with this.

Focused Preparation Is Essential

To be sure that your preparation for IGCSE is not just done correctly but is of the highest standard, you need to find an online resource that will give you exactly the help you need and not try to fit you into a study process that is tailored to cater to the largest possible volume of candidates. That means that the site should offer these learning services and facilities:

  • Qualified and experienced tutors. This does not mean just an in-depth knowledge of the subject but also the ability to impart knowledge and guidance to a student in the manner that will improve performance in examinations.
  • The progress of each student must be monitored regularly so that action may be taken to provide additional support in areas where the student remains weak.
  • Student focused tuition that enables the best possible utilization of time. The tuition must meet the needs of the student and not try to force the student into a study process that does not suit the needs of the individual.
  • Study timing is an important factor. Some students may prefer to work in the morning, while others may be more comfortable with tuition in the afternoons or the evening. Enabling students to study at the time which works best for them means that the learning process is more effective, and the internalization of knowledge is greater.
  • Some students may be preparing for more than one examination. An organization that offers tuition in different courses is a huge advantage here. Going to different portals for tuition for different examinations can result in an uncoordinated approach to learning which will adversely impact the quality of the preparation and the examination results. It will also put needless pressure on the student which can affect examination performance negatively. If the same organization offers different courses, the learning can be coordinated and organized to make it most effective and pressure free.
  • Tuition should be available either in small group classes or on a one-on-one basis, depending on the student’s needs and preferences.
  • Parents have an important role to play in examination preparation and they should be a part of the process. Regular online parent-teacher meetings will allow parents to know how their children are progressing and provide their inputs for modifications to the tuition process and also give any additional parental support that may be required.

A World Class Website Will Provide World Class Results

The organization providing the tuition and coaching must be one that has an excellent reputation, have a proven track record of helping students do their best in IGCSE and other examinations and have a staff that is dedicated to providing students with world class teaching so that they may aim for world class results.

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