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10 Reasons To Choose Cambridge Curriculum For Your Child

Choosing which course of study to follow in school is a matter of great stress for both students and parents. While each stream has its own advantages, there is today an increasing inclination towards the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination. To help parents and students make the right decisions, here are 10 reasons for opting for IGCSE.

  1. IGCSE has a broad curriculum that is based on the British GCSE curriculum. It is modified by schools across the world to suit regional requirements and learning environments. Because of the very wide range of subjects available, students are able to find subject combinations that suit their individual interests and learning inclinations.
  2. The wide array of subjects available for IGCSE enables students to work on many different topics to better understand their strengths and interests. This makes choosing the direction of higher studies easier.
  3. Students find some subjects difficult and frustrating and other easy and enjoyable. School is always a mixture of the two. The wide range of IGCSE subjects means that it is easier for students to find the subjects they enjoy and are good at.
  4. IGCSE offers studying subjects are core (basic) or extensive (advanced) levels so students may obtain a more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of subjects they are particularly interested in and devote less time and effort to other subjects.
  5. Being able to focus, to a large extent, on subjects they enjoy and are good at translates into good examination results and increased opportunities for higher studies.
  6. IGCSE gives importance to learning languages and cultural studies which equips students to be able to cope with regional demands wherever they may be located.
  7. The importance given to languages and cultural studies also helps to create more well-rounded students who are able to create a positive impression when being interviewed for admission to colleges.
  8. IGCSE focuses on strengthening students’ understanding of what is being studied and their analytical skills and problem-solving skills. This enhances their ability to learn on their own, even outside the formal school environment. This is an important strength when the time comes to leave home for higher studies or to work.
  9. Pandemics and other factors causing families to re-evaluate their living and work situations. The chances of children having to change school because of the family moving its place of residence are increasing. IGCSE is offered by a growing number of schools across India and the world. Finding a new school where education can continue seamlessly is much easier.
  10. Secondary education is the launch platform for higher and professional studies. An increasing number of students, from all backgrounds, are looking at higher studies abroad. IGCSE is among the most widely accepted qualifications across the globe for eligibility for higher, advanced, and professional education and degrees.
IGCSE offers many advantages to students in terms of flexibility of study, increased eligibility for higher education courses, providing for an all-round learning experience and more. A tuition institute for IGCSE that specializes in helping students get the best possible results will be able to provide more information and help students choose the subjects they are best suited for.
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