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Home-schooling: Advantages of appearing as a private candidate for Cambridge exams

Knowledge should not be confined to schools if, one is keen and willing to go above and beyond. This brings you the idea of home schooling where your child receives one-on-one tuition from you. The vast skills and knowledge is out there for them to grab with no rigid school hours and a strict scheme of work from the teachers.

It could sometimes be a daunting task to begin with your child needing the knowledge and skills to excel in wide variety of subjects. It is even more challenging if they choose the subjects of international audience you haven’t covered on your level before. Cambridge exams hold global know-how in contrast to the locally oriented curriculum. Then comes, the challenges of exams that demands proper preparation both from you and your child. After the very first steps of choosing the subjects and exams to prepare for, you move ahead to giving your best. If you are a parent in favour of homeschooling, we are here to help you with the right ways to make it worth it.

Many parents are going ahead with homeschooling as they wish to be directly involved with the child’s education and children could find their own pace to learn. It is easier for some children to learn at home than school. The reason could be anything from lack of progress and inadequacy of course variety to teaching standards but, the advantages of homeschooling have given parents a green tick.

Some claim IB programmes as elitist and only for the best ones. International Baccalaureate does not hold the idea for its programmesonly for a select group of students. It is open to all with an inclusive approach at schools that have been authorised for the programme. With enough time and support to learn and understand, students can take IB MYP.

With factors to bear in mind, there are distinct advantages of homeschooling:

  • You are aware of the capabilities of your child as a parent and the progress they are making with their learning and skills.
  • As you share your thoughts, views and ideas, you strengthen the family bond.
  • As all the learning takes place at home, there is less time wasted in travelling and the child can pursue more hobbies and interests.
  • You can have control over the curriculum and teaching skills and method.
  • Learning would be more accurate with your child capabilities.
  • Home is less hectic and noisy at all level when compared to school.
  • Your child can work at the time they can be more productive and get more sleep.
  • If your child struggles with few subjects and excel at other talents, you can have a balance with choosing the subjects that suit them.

Now, comes the factors to be kept in mind with this idea of homeschooling. The major one being their social circle which is necessary for them to have an inclusive life. Internet gives you an opportunity to connect with families that are homeschooling and hobbies and interest could bring a good chance to socialise.

Another concern that parents face while settling with homeschooling is the sole responsibility for their child’s success that lies on them. Even the intrepid home educators may find it difficult to do it on their own at times. For this, there are online learning centres to offering appropriate level of support and you can always have someone for help. Your pressure is shared equally with the skilled online tutors addressing the doubts while be aware of the curriculum.

For homeschooling to work, it is important for your child to be comfortable with the idea and everything falls in place with some external qualified support from online tutors.

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