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How to crack the SAT Subject test

An online search for answers to this question will turn up thousands of results. Most of them look like the advice they offer is of value. Many (but not all) of them may actually provide the kind of assistance that those sitting for SAT need. However, the problem is that they take different approaches to the problem and deciding what path to follow is very difficult. Trying to go by the advice that different source give can lead to confusion and discouragement as the results of the advice will differ. There best way to prepare for SAT and maximize your chances of getting the marks you need is to stick to the basics and also enroll with an online tutorial portal that will give you the focused help you need.

The Basics

  • Set yourself a fixed number of hours for study every day. Be realistic in setting the time – SAT is not easy, and it requires all the preparation possible. At the same time, do not push yourself too hard – this can lead to confusion and lack of focus as your brain becomes exhausted. It is not easy to define the correct amount of time needed – that varies from person to person. Generally speaking start with 5 hours a day and build it up to the point where you feel that you are just studying but not really absorbing what you learn – that is pointless and counterproductive.
  • Make a list of the subjects and rate them in order of how comfortable you are with each one with the lowest comfort level at the top. Assign a percentage to each one, based on difficulty, and that is the portion of your study time you should spend on that subject. Do not be rigid about the timings – if you find that your understanding and internalization of a subject is flowing smoothly, there is no need to stop exactly when the time for it is over – you can make adjustments in the time the next day to compensate. A word of caution – do not be overconfident about the subjects you are most comfortable with. Confidence is an important ingredient in success, but overconfidence can lead to costly mistakes that could ruin your results.
  • Do as many practice tests as you can. When you review your results, note down all the mistakes you made and focus on correcting them. For the first week or so treat it like an open book exam and use your notes to help you get the answers right. Do not worry about the time. The next week do the practice tests without your notes but again, do not worry too much about the time you take. After doing that for a week, start timing yourself. You will probably be exceeding the time for the test; start to bring is down. Do not try to do this at one go. Over a week you should aim to finish the practice tests in the correct time.
  • Keep the week before SAT open for reviewing all that you have done and for focusing on areas where you still have difficulty.

Online Support

Coaching classes and tutorials are an important component of SAT preparation. The traditional method of going to a coaching center and attending classes or tutorials can be effective, but it may not be the best option. Online learning, practice tests and reviews are today being appreciated for how effective they are in providing the right kind of learning support. With the online option, you are not tied down to attending classes at specific times which may not suit your overall study schedule. You are also able to avoid the pressure and wastage of time that traveling to coaching classes requires.

What is critical is finding the right online resource. Look for one that has a reputation for excellent coaching and teaching and also the results, in terms of successful students, to back this up. Obviously, the teaching staff must be not only experienced and qualified, they must have the ability to convey knowledge to those who come to learn. The ideal organization should be one that offers flexible and modular programs that can be modified to suit the specific needs of the student. In other words, the system must be able to adjust to give emphasis to the learning needs of each individual. That will ensure that students get the maximum value for the experience and set them up for SAT success.

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