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NEET Physics MCQs and Study tips

Of the 3 parts of NEET, biology, chemistry and physics, it is physics that people tend to get most tense about. Preparing in the right way can help to take the stress out of studying and give you the confidence to tackle the physics questions in the right way.

NEET Physics Topics

The physics question you will have to answer will be on the following topics:

  • Current electricity
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Electrostatics
  • Kinematics
  • Laws of motion
  • Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
  • Oscillations and waves
  • Physics world and measurement
  • Thermodynamics
  • Work, energy and power

Examine your fluency in each of these topics. Be as objective as possible and be honest with yourself about the weak areas. Give a percentage value to each of them with the weakest topic getting the highest percentage. That is how you should divide up your study time. Be careful of overconfidence and do not ignore or devote too little time to topics you think you are comfortable with.


Clarity is critical. Your answers must be clear and concise which means that you must be clear in the concepts behind the topics. Knowing and understanding the concepts is important but that is not the key factor in getting good marks. What is key is that you are able to implement and use them in solving MCQs. The evaluation will not be on your knowledge of the concepts and procedures – it will be on how you are able to implement them. Focus your study on this aspect. You should have formulas and derivatives at the forefront of your thought process so that you can apply them in the right manner to give clear answers.

The NEET physics paper does not normally ask direct questions. They are designed to test your knowledge of concepts, formulas and theories.


As with all examinations, practice is a key factor in good performance. Spend time answering previous years question papers. At first, do not worry about the time and stop and refer to your study material to get the right answers. The next step is to answer the questions without having reference material with you. Note down all the questions you are not able to answer correctly and spend some time practicing them until you are confident about giving the correct answers. Once you can do this, time yourself and ensure that you are able to answer all the questions within the required time frame.

Answering Questions

  • Solve the direct formula-based questions first – these can usually be done quickly.
  • In the case of thermodynamics and heat, many of the questions are based on principles or P-Y graph which should be easy to answer
  • Theoretical questions usually do not involve much in the way of calculations and if you are strong on the fundamentals, you should be able to answer them in a short time.
  • With these questions out of the way, you can focus on those that require lengthy calculation. You will know how much time you have left and will be able to time yourself effectively.
  • Knowing the order in which to tackle the questions can save time. Getting the ones that can be answered quickly out of the way will enable you to devote more time to those that require it.

Online Coaching

Studying and preparing for NEET on your own is not the best option. You need to have expert help to guide you through the examination process. Teachers who are knowledgeable about NEET and the subjects covered will be able to coach you to do your best. Tutorials will enable to you refine your knowledge and get the best results. Attending coaching classes is not practical. The time spent on commuting to the classes and back is a waste. In the classes, you will not be able to get the special attention you may need from the teachers. Online coaching will enable you to make the best use of your time, study in a way the suits you and get the individual attention from the teachers that you may need to cover areas you are weak in. With a reputed institution staffed with experts and a track record of students who have been successful in NEET, you can be sure of getting the best possible results.

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