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How To Get Higher Grades In Cambridge Exams

1. Understand the way the exam works:

  • It is not to find out how much you know or do not know
  • The objective is to evaluate how well you can apply what you have learned to answer the questions
  • Writing too much to show how much you have studied will not increase your grades – giving accurate and to-the-point answers will

2. No one is a perfect student:

  • Do not try to learn “lots of things” at the cost of understanding what you have learned
  • There will be gaps in your knowledge. Presenting what you know in the right way is what gets you marks

3. Stick to the point:

  • Practice answering questions in not more than 10 very short points
  • Check to see if all relevant facts have been covered. If so, you can then add to your answers

4. Question the questions:

  • Learn to carefully read the questions so you can understand what information is expected in the answer
  • Every question has a few keywords. Look for them to understand the questions. Ask your teachers for help in how to do this

5. Study in a way you are comfortable with:

  • All tips and guides on how to get good grades are written for a general audience
  • Use these tips but if some do not work for you, do not get upset. Try another method to enhance your learning and achieve the optimum results.

6. If you have friends studying for the exam:

  • Prepare topic-based quizzes for each other. Creating quizzes will help you internalize facts
  • Evaluating the answers will help you to understand where you can go wrong and avoid these mistakes.

7. Keep practicing:

  • Allocate a set time each day to do mock tests and answer old exam questions
  •  The more you practice, the more confident you will be and that is another strength you take with you to the exam

8. Stimulate your mind:

  • Ensure you get enough exercise and sleep. This will improve your concentration and focus.
  • If your mind is tired and unfocussed, what you study will not be properly retained.

9. Start preparation well in advance:

  • The more time you have, the more relaxed you can be and the better you can prepare and understand what you need to do to get good grades
  • When you know what is expected of you, it is easier to meet those expectations

10. You cannot do it on your own:

  • Cambridge exams are of high international standards. Even with the best teachers and work on your part, having the expert help you need to succeed is important.
  • Enrolling for a personalized live interactive online program for IGCSE will help you achieve success.
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