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IIT JEE Mains – Preparation Tips


  • Manage your time carefully. The better your planning, the better your preparation
  • Draw up a clear comprehensive timetable that is realistic. Trying to cram too much into it will lead to confusion and stress that will affect your preparedness.


  • Know the syllabus thoroughly so that nothing is left out of the preparation.
  • Study the JEE main exam pattern so you know what to expect when you go for the exam. However, keep in mind that nothing stays the same to do not let any change in the pattern upset you.


  • Divide the topic in the syllabus into 3 categories – easy, difficult and very difficult. This will help you to proportion out the preparation time according to the level of difficulty.
  • Do not make the mistake of thinking that the “easy” topics do not require preparation – overconfidence is never good.


  • Study each chapter of each topic until you have understood the concepts clearly. Keep making notes – they help in internalizing what you study and make revision simpler.
  • After completing a chapter, use relevant practice questions to check how well you have understood the concepts you have learned. If there are problems, go back and study these areas again.


  • After completing a subject, use a JEE Main mock test to see where you stand. Be hard in evaluating yourself.
  • Do not look for reasons for any mistakes you make and justify them. The JEE Main exam is not interested in excuses, only results matter.


  • Use the marks you score for yourself to evaluate where your level of preparation is and compare it to where your time management plan says you should be.
  • If you are not sure of where you went wrong, do resolve the uncertainty immediately. This will help to clarify the issue in your mind.


  • Studying is important, but doing it continuously can make you tired What you know may not be fully internalized and after a few days, you may be unsure of the issues and concepts.
  • Take from the preparation at regular intervals and spend the time doing things that relax you and help to unwind. Never feel guilty about taking a break – it is the rest your mind needs to function most efficiently.


  • If you have friends or neighbors who are also studying for the JEE Mains, consider forming study groups with them. If done properly, it can help in understanding concepts because students can learn from each other.
  • However, do not do this if the group members are incompatible in any way such as having different preparation priorities, ways to study, are not serious about it, etc.


  • Depending on the layout of your home, see if it is possible to have a secluded space to study without disturbance.
  • Keep the space, neat, clean and organized as this will cause what you learn to be neat, clean and organized in your mind.


  • Tuition can make the difference between success and failure. Tuition from a highly reputed organization will provide you with the help, support and guidance you need to do well.
  • Online tution which gives you the freedom to work at your own pace, is the best option.
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