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What You Need To Know About Edexcel A Level

Edexcel A levels are extremely popular with students who are looking to move on to the best universities and institutes of advanced learning in the world. The decision to opt for Edexcel A levels is a major one that should not be taken lightly. Gather as much information as possible and consult experts such as a professional online company offering academic counseling and classes to get the advice and guidance you need to make the right decisions.


  • Edexcel has a flexible modular approach, so students have a choice of when they take their examinations. This reduces a great deal of the time pressure many students feel.
  • Usually exams are offered in may and November every year. But it’s better to check which country the student is appearing from.
  • If the examination for only one subject is taken, the results are “banked”, and once all the exams are completed, all the banked results are taken into account to give an overall grade.
  • In other words, students may take their exams whenever they feel they are ready. For example, a student must sit for 4 units in IAL Economics to obtain a qualification grade. Each unit examination may be taken when the student feels ready and “banked”. Once all four units are completed, the “banked” results are taken together to provide the qualification grade.
  • Examinations are spread out over the year, so revision may be done in smaller segments, making a thorough understanding of a subject easier.
  • Edexcel A levels are designed for international students so that there are no unfair locational advantages. Such a course material is easier to learn for a student from another part of the world.
  • Edexcel A levels are comparable to UK A Levels
  • The Edexcel qualification is universally accepted for admission application to the best universities in the world. This includes Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, MIT, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, and others in the U.S., and leading universities in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and other places.
  • Edexcel A levels have an AS/A2 split which means that AS may be taken either as a stand-alone qualification or be a platform for going on to an advanced level.
  • Universities and employers are now emphasising on the need for transferable or “soft” skills.  The gap between examination-based qualifications and soft skills is a major one. Knowledge is essential, but the skills required to apply it are critical. Edexcel A levels are designed to provide students with critical transferable skills.
  • Edexcel is also very suitable for students wishing to homeschool but follow the science stream as the practical concepts are assessed in a theoretical format.

If you are considering choosing the Edexcel A level path, you must be sure that this is the right choice for you – the one that will take you forward on the road to the future you have in mind. Edexcel A levels are an excellent choice, but you must have all information available to you, along with expert advice and counsel, to be sure of making the right decision. Consult your teachers, parents, or the experts at a professional IGCSE online tuition organization.

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