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5 Things You Should Know Before You Choose Your A-Level Subjects


  • Be sure your choice is an informed one.
  • Do not make decisions in a hurry.
  • Collect all the information possible about the options open to you and analyze the data.
  • Do not let the decisions of others influence you. Choose what is right for you.
  • Ask for advice from your parents and teachers. Be sure you understand the reasoning they use in what they advise


  • Think about your future. What do you want to do in life?
  • Your professional career is still many years in the future, but the decisions you make today will affect how your future unfolds.
  • For example, if your strengths are in analysis and critical thinking, perhaps subjects with essay-based evaluation such as history or English literature may be right for you.
  • If you prefer dealing with logic and facts, science or maths may be a good choice.


  • Choose subjects that you enjoy.
  • You may be told that it is easier to do well in subjects you do not enjoy. Ignore that advice.
  • If you enjoy a subject, studying and understanding will be easier, and that will get you the results you want.
  • Once again, do not choose subjects just because all your friends are choosing them. What is right for others may not be so for you.


  • If you are planning on going to university after your A levels, contact the colleges that you plan to try for.
  • Find the A-level subjects that are most often required or are pre-requisites
  • If any of these subjects should be focus areas


  • Never forget that the subjects you choose will affect your future.
  • Do not let that overwhelm you or make you panic. You are old enough to understand the significance of your decisions.
  • There are no “wrong” subjects. Every person is different, and what may be seen as an unsuitable subject for someone else may be completely right for you.
  • If you are enrolled at a professional company providing live interactive online classes for IGCSE, you have  great resources for any advice and guidance you may need.
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