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8 Points to Remember About IB Extended Essay

1. The concept of the extended essay:

  • The IB extended essay is an independent piece of self-directed research and of 4,000 words in length.
  • The extended essay is mandatory for all IB students.

2. The reason for the essay:

  • It provides a practical introduction to the type of research that will be required at the undergraduate level.
  • It provides students the chance to investigate a topic, which is associated with one of the DP subjects, that excites their personal interest, It may even embrace an inter-disciplinary approach related to a world studies essay that interests them.

3. Understanding research:

  • Students learn how to set the appropriate research questions and
  • Explore the intricacies of the topic

4. Communication Skills:

  • Communicate ideas
  • Develop arguments

5. Preparation:

  • A teacher/supervisor provides advice and guidance on the process of researching and writing the essay.
  • There will be 3 mandatory reflection sessions with the teacher, with the final session being the concluding interview.

6. Assessment:

  • Essays are assessed externally by IB-appointed assessors.
  • Grades range from A (Excellent) to E (Elementary), with A being the highest and E the lowest.

7. Value of the essay:

  • The process of reflection sessions with the teacher and the independent research will increase a student’s confidence in his/her ability to research and work independently.
  • The detailed subject knowledge stemming from the essay may be of great value during interviews for admission to higher studies or employment.

8. It is not a simple or automatic process:

  • The independent study and research that is required can be an unsettling experience for many students, and this can affect his/her performance
  • The methodology, learning support, and confidence that may be gained through online IB tuition is a key element in enabling students to maximize their grades.
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